Dick tech

Or, the erector set in your pants. I found this these via lovely Eros Blog, who, by the way, has a fabulous post up right now called The Lucrative Life Of A Mortgage Slut. But it’s when I find things like the Obviously Anatomical Pouch Low Rise Boxer Briefs that I imagine my next job as a bespectacled, lab-coated lady with a clipboard and all sorts of measuring and weighing instruments in a steel-and-white-counter laboratory. My lipstick is red, my cleavage evident, my lab coat is too short, my white heels are too high and shiny, my white stockings are Cuban heel seams. There, in the lab, I am obsessed with my research. I see nothing but the goal, the objective, I am relentless about physics, structure, math, visualizing technologies that don’t yet exist, determining to make them a reality, and driven by concepts that make my colleagues think I am crazy but they are secretly envious of my intelligent, focused insanity. I carefully screen lab subjects for a breadth of diversity. I put them through strenuous tests. All for one purpose, and one purpose only.

I think it’s a dream job, really. It’s all here. Don’t miss the Core Suspensory line.

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  • Roundmidnight

    My girlfriend is obsessed with me wearing the c-in2 trophy shelf briefs and trunks. I have to say they do look and feel sexy and she attacks me every time I’m wearing them. Win-win.

  • Yeah I second Ed’s comment…a bit freaky lookin.

  • so, uh, i think you may enjoy these – there are not even live on my site but i thought i’d share – and these are probably from the 40’s – 50’s:


    great minds think alike, eh?

    and *when* are we having drinks?

  • Ed

    H says “That looks like Gonzo’s nose!”

  • Sarah

    This sounds familiar, I think I’ve seen this movie… ;)

  • …and *when* are we having drinks?

  • Yeah, but on a serious note… I love my C-In2’s!

    I really don’t know how I ever survived without trophy shelf technology before. When I wear “regular” briefs now, they feel like panties in comparison to my C-in2s with TStech. Tight, lacey panties.