Google Maps mates with Casual Encounters

I’ve been waiting for something like this — the clever people at hookupmaps took Craigslist’s Casual Encounters and Google Maps, rubbed them together until smoke started coming out of the unholy union, and made a fabulous combination. Go to your city/location, click a filter (m4f, etc.), play with listings and you can even use satellite view if you’re wondering what the terrain looks like around your potential rendez-vous with “MASC HAIRY lkng for dirty minded ANY RACE for ASS FUCKING” or “Horny in the Haight.” Yippee! It’s so cool, they did a really great job with this tool… Sent to me by the always-lovely Viviane; Mashable helpfully points out that, “(…) a glance at the national makeup of the Craigslist equivalent of a red light district shows only two states solicitations of various, ahem, sorts, have not been scoured: Wyoming and New Mexico. And as luck, misfortune, or plain old convention would have it, America’s coasts are where bodies seem busiest.” So I guess we’ll all be planning our road trips accordingly.

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  • joeymar

    Looking for now, open to n e thing

  • josh

    WOW! Love it! Thanks for not making craigslist suck anymore!

  • This is genius – I wish that I’d thought up this mashup site but since I didn’t I’ll at least reap the benefits of it!

  • Cameron

    I plan on heading up to Rhode Island myself one day, as they allow prostitution so long as it’s kept indoors. If only my city of Louisville or my commonwealth of Kentucky were like that with our own sisters of mercy… [sigh]. Oh well.

  • Wow.

    I love living in the future.