Fleshbot wrapup

Image from Judith and Irene’s LickNylons set.

I’ve been writing for Fleshbot since Jonno brought me on in early 2005 and I was indeed his right-hand girl in the Fleshbot Empire for a long time (in Internet time, anyway); as with Jonno’s farewell post last week, I will no longer be writing for the site and timed my departure with his (as I always meant to do). I do not mean to leave anyone high and dry through the the transition — and apologies to new editrix Lux who now has her hands insanely full, and will always be a friend, colleague and pal in the porn mines. I will always be a supporter of her work — she’s a fabulous person and I pretty much plan on working with her in the future on *something*. But last week at Fleshbot was truly my last, and they finally updated the masthead today. It’s bittersweet, and I will have more thoughts on this later (I remember when Jonno launched the site and asked me for a promotional quote for the sidebar; I ran the site for nearly two consecutive months solo during and after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans; I remember the sincere optimism of the blogosphere back then). I have other big life-changing news on another front as well: my lawsuit is over, and it ended well for everyone. We are on friendly speaking terms, even. No, seriously — so all the trolling and attacking and taking sides was as stupid and trollgasmic and pointless as we all thought, and Noname Jane’s new site looks great (and she’s blogging, yo). But I digress; here are my favorite highlights from my last ten Fleshbot posts last week:

* Lick Nylons Tastes Like Chicken (But Looks Even Better) Aside from that post, if you want to ogle more LickNylons content check out these free hardcore, lingerie-clad girl-girl galleries I pawed through and enjoyed: short hair is cute; yay for office scenes and girls with glasses; two pretty femmes in the utility room; Gertie and Sophia play French Maid; here’s a goth girl alert; same cute girls, different scene; then check out these videos with Shannon and Grace.

* Susie Bright’s take on why looking closely at Palin and sex actually matters.

* Sarah Javin Fisher Takes A Tasty Self-Portrait

* Bookkake: Where Sticky Pages Are Part Of The Fun

* Fetish Muse: KumiMonster Gets (Even More) Personal

* Whore Doors and Dirty Birdies: The Art of Ken Keirns

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  • Lux

    You will definitely be missed.

  • Fleshbot lost the best gal friday’s that it will ever have. Their loss.

    OMG I finally beat B.E. Earl to a first post?

    This can only mean good things!