Trailers you must not miss

Oh, Milk (above). I was here when the film was shot: you’ll see my city, my views, our story — my City Hall whose very steps I celebrate pride on with cocktails, and the very halls in the film I’ve wandered around in (unattended)! It makes me weepy, and strangely, wanting to hang out with Sean Penn.

Super-fucking-excellent: I am dying to see the upcoming film Madonna directed (above), Filth and Wisdom “Two sides of the same coin”. It looks like my experiences and relationship with the Extra Action Marching Band + Emir Kusturika (gawd I love him) + a corridor of my life all in one package. I resist Madonna, but this round goes to her.

* I am also dying (ahem) to see Fear[s] of the Dark, if only as a longtime OG Charles Burns comic collector — *and* Repo! The Genetic Opera (ZOMFG it’s Mr. Giles with Skinny Puppy and Paris Hilton!) Oh, and the badass of the pack looks like Takashi Miike’s “fresh new look at the beloved spaghetti Western” (read: Japanese cult action Deadwood) Sukiyaki Western Django.

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  1. Honestly, I saw Madonna had made a film and my instant thought was that I’ll be giving it a wide berth, but dammit from that trailer I’m with you. I might just have to go and see it.

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