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I’ve been a busy bee on Fleshbot, and I have a few things I’ve written up that I want to direct your attention to — I know I already mentioned the interview and gallery with Sabrina Fox (pictured), but there’s a timely event and a couple videos I want to make sure you don’t miss…

* If you’re in New York this weekend, please go to the Lolita Bar sunday night and report back to me on the debate Is Modern Sex Good or Evil? I really, really hope someone records it… (thank you, Michel!)

* Emmanuel Poncelet’s Lickable Nudes

* Blogfriend and all-natural pinup Sequoia Redd facing down “save the children” nudity hysterics

* Deeper Inside Carlos Batts (And April Flores Too) (great video interview with my friend Carlos on Fine Art TV)

* Naughti Gras 2008 Is Not Just About Boobs And Beads (hi, Bill! great video, lots of fun with Lo-Fi St. Louis.)

* “6 In The Morning” Is Always The Right Time For Babes Rolling Around In Their Underwear (Thanks, Dustin!)

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