Miss me?

Image of the luscious French Mina Model by NakedBy.

I’m back from a long work weekend, too many technical problems. I missed you a lot. Not blogging about sex just feels *wrong*. I have big plans for this website this month. Looks like I need a good, trustworthy WordPress template hacker to help me with a couple bugs. All the porn you can eat…

Isn’t she a pretty sight for monday?

Also, happy September: it’s my birthday month. And for my birthday, I’ve worked out a deal with Babeland to give *you* — my dear, lovely readers and overly articulate commenters and invisible crushes — presents. Once a week this month I’ll make up a contest and then pick winners and they’ll discreetly ship you superlative sex toys. My birthday — my rules! Good stuff, too. Stay tuned for more details :D

Oh, and it’s going to be another one of *those* months, I think — I read my horoscope, and am barricading the Blogger Bungalow here in SF with lube, laptop and batteries. To continue this senseless late night ramble, I’d just like to add that in cleaning my room this weekend I found a cockring in the most impossible strangest under-the-dressing bench corner of my room that one could possibly imagine finding a cockring. I glanced around for a hidden camera. I felt like an uber-pervy CSI fembot measuring out bullet trajectory, angle, force, launch scenario and airborne arc analysis, and trying to remember the last time one of those things might have gone flying… Will I find a chalk outline of *something else* under my bed!? Yikes.

  • miss you? miss you? you are my guiding light blogger of all bloggers…miss you? How could you even ask!? now….about this contest thing…

  • Elizabeth

    I normally don’t believe in horoscopes, but this one (which applies to me since I’m a September Virgo too) is just too scary. Ever since my birthday last year, in which ON MY BIRTHDAY, my purse with my driver’s license, credit card, iPod and new iPhone got stolen, it has been what I call a “shit year.” My son had a 1st grade teacher from hell, a fuck-wad principal who called social services on me and my kids for no damn good reason (and I mean for not damn good reason too! I love my kids and treat them very, very well), my daughter getting corrective surgery on a hearing problem, my very cool boss getting sacked in March, me getting laid off a month ago, and my dad going into the hospital last week, I don’t know how much more of this crap I can stand! This horoscope is just too accurate for words! I think I may cry…

  • Anthony

    A happy birthday to you, and many, many more!

    The toys do have a habit of getting into the oddest places. I think it’s during the ‘after time’, when people are a bit careless about where they drop their toys, in the breathlessness of ‘after’. That, and a touch of Murphy, and things bounce into the oddest places.

    Do women use cockrings on their strap-ons?

  • Hey; here’s an advance Happy Birthday, then. I’ve got a September birthday coming up, too.

  • I bet Alex the cat hid the cock ring. ;-0

  • Autumn

    It’s my bday month as well! Happy Bday! I will try to take part in these contests. I could go for a very…. *bites lip.. birthday this year.

  • Erin

    Yes, sweet Violet, I missed you and your posts. Welcome back!

    And contests to celebrate your birthday? WOOT! Bring ’em on.

  • rowan

    mercury goes retrograde at the end of the month. loverly… *sigh

    i hate when that happens.

    welcome back, btw!

  • Maurice M

    My own birthday is just days away. Always pleasant to find more hot Virgos out there.

  • Saturn in Virgo….research it. 1st house for all Virgos. A cycle is starting..