Extremely disappointed that I am not a ‘mouthpiece of Satan’

But I definitely am the *neighbor* of the mouthpiece of Satan. Nothing’s more fun than when a conservative Christian reviews part of my body of work, like, say, my podcast. Today Skepchick did a great roundup of one particular conservative’s podcast reviews, where he embarks on his personal mission to screen podcast content as per his beliefs. Skepchick (of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe) got caught up in the storm — as did I, apparently — and she writes,

Alexander Cornswalled is a Midwestern Conservative Christian who is not particularly fond of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe. Cornswalled says that he helpfully reviews podcasts that the kids in his church are listening to, and the other day he chose the SGU. I know, I was pleased, too! Let’s see what he has to say!

The hosts pretty much accept global warming as gospel truth . . .

If by “accept . . . as gospel truth” he means “engaged in serious inquiry followed by a healthy discussion of the facts and a careful examination of both sides of the issue before tentatively erring on the side of the scientific consensus,” then yes, yes we do. (…)

And when it gets to me, she saves me as the closing note (best for last?) and writes,

(…) On Open Source Sex with Violet Blue:

My computer started showing a slideshow of naked people with whips when I hit “play” and things went downhill from there.

He’s probably right — when you start with pictures of naked people holding whips, the only place to go is down. He also mentions that “if you find it on your child’s computer delete it and bring your child to your pastor or a Christian counselor immediately,” presumably for reprogramming or to get a refund. (…)

Yes, my podcast is actually an *emergency* situation. Read her whole totally entertaining post The SGU: Mouthpiece of Satan.

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  1. This guy sounds like one of my cousins (whom I recently argued with about the proposed Harvey Milk day). It really scared me to know that he (my cousin) was “once a gay man” but found God and now believes that all gays are filled with Satan and any priest that does not discourage living as a gay man is doing them an injustice…

    Are we the only sane people in an insane world???

  2. Well, if a parent chooses not to introduce their minor children to things of an explicit sexual nature, that’s fine. It’s a parental choice (as long as they explain how fucking without birth control/condoms leads to pregnancy and STD’s to their little darlings by the time puberty hits and hormones kick in). However, they could have covered your technical site, techyum. The only thing I wouldn’t want my 7 year-old son clicking on is the “bloggers undressed” button, otherwise everything else is fine. Even the bacon bra is okay with this mom.

  3. Wooo,

    I now have a new site to read if I want a great laugh and its not SGU. This Alexander Cornswalled has some truly fantastic fiction on his site. I particularly enjoy his talk of the myth that is “the female orgasm”


    Think I’ll browse his site some more and see if he has any really choice opinions. Like your friend said Violet. You’re not doing it right unless you’re pissing someone off in the process.

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