WLTF : We Like To Fuck Magazine, issue #1

Image by Christian Castanada for WLTF.

WLTF is pretty simple and yet complex at the same time: it stands for We Like To Fuck, and is a Flash gallery webzine that offers up an awful of of dirty photos, along with photos that are not sexual at all but are provocative as hell within the context. It’s like a sexually frustrated, cultural angsty visually saturated version of Dirty Found, but carefully curated with superlative photography. It’s international and pansexual; you’ll see more manflesh I think than girlflesh, a lot of public shots and some sweet moments mixed with freaky stuff. The ‘zine is an interesting weekend distraction, as are the contributors.

They also have a fantastic WLTF blog for those who desire a text accompaniment; issue #1 is out, but look in their archive for issue #0.