Trumpet lickers may apply for the position currently open in the comments below

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Many of you know I’m friend + family of SF’s Extra Action Marching Band and have been groupie #1 for over 5 yearsdocumenting and documenting and dancing my fangirl ass off as the gigs go by. So I have a bit of a fetish. I’m cool with that. So when baritoner-avec-boner Evil Signtist sent me the above video, I decided that there was a position open in *my* band. Watch and enjoy. Now THIS is porn.


  1. How I loved the time when this ws all over the tv, It’s a video that always makes me happy, for hot women in band uniforms. But I never count it as a proper band unless there are bagpipes in there as well, which may have something to do with being assaulted by them for a month every year at the Tattoo in Edinburgh.

  2. Oh yes, this is a fave of mine as well! I sure wish *my* high school marching band was this hot…

    Do check out videos by Fedde le Grande as well, if you’ve not seen them already (I seem to recall that they may have already been Fleshbotted?). They are super hot sexy fun, which is always welcome on these here Internets! :D

  3. Yeah, this video caught my eye a while ago. I liked it because, although It used hot dancer girls, I thought it still managed to do something unique in the otherwise tedious Euro garage/dance/house video space.

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