The things we do for property values in San Francisco

“Angie in San Francisco, CA. Made by Frank Wallis in 1997. 35mm fim scan.” Via modele.citizen.

This is really not the sort of thing I’d ever expect to see on a local real estate blog — but then, I *do* know where I live. Snip:

WARNING: The content in this post may not be suitable for children or those that are sensitive to sexual content. Reader discretion is advised…

Real estate agents are made fun of on the daily (most deservedly). Agents are often compared to slimy used car salespeople, but there are a select few that can actually make fun of themselves and have a little fun with it. Unfortunately, there are also agents that take offense to everything and anything and we’re sure this post will not make those agents happy. Yes, we recognize that we’re just perpetuating the absolutely inappropriate conduct that took place, but frankly, we have no problem with it–share the info is our motto ;)

Back story:

Over the weekend, we got an email sent to us from an agent of a major SF real estate company. This email was sent to about 100 agents and managers within the company. What happened is that somebody took their S&M a little too far and it seems the DOM pissed off the SUB real good and the SUB wanted the world to know how dirty this agent is. In just about any “normal” office, such performance would be swiftly followed by an apology, a firing and a PR blitz, but in the world of real estate, people laugh, point fingers and share with each other. Real estate agents do not have much of a governing body to tell them what is right and wrong (think SEC for securities). Instead, agents promise to follow a code of ethics and each company tries to enforce such standards upon their agents, but when emotions rise, these independant [sic] contractors act out like children, email blast everybody and their mother and share very private stories about who’s screwing who, who’s in rehab and all the other bull sh*t that agents get caught up in.

In this case, a disgruntled SUB (non agent) decided to send an email chain and 3 extremely graphic pictures to the majority of the DOM’S (agent) company. Just imagine opening up a work email to find this sent to your entire company.


from DOM (agent) to “puppy”:

[I] Would like to hear more from you as to what you see yourself doing and what you would like being done to you. Tell me how you would be of service. You were stellar at one time; can you be that supper bitch puppy again? I want to hear your thoughts in details.

from puppy to DOM (agent):

I am not happy where I am. I am bored. I am relegated to monotonous and menial work. And I miss California terribly! I miss you most of all, of course, and desperately need to be back in my kennel in a tighter collar. (…read more, including explicit image and update of virus claims, via)

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