Larry Flynt and the right to be left alone

It first aired on IFC thursday and I totally missed it — um, because like most of my friends I *fired* Comcast and instead choose to seek out TV I *want* to watch when I have time. But I really want to see Larry Flynt: The Right To Be Left Alone. Badly. Here’s a 9-minute teaser about Flynt (who, incidentally sent my a holiday card last year), the First Amendment, and the right to be left alone:

Apols for the lame-o pre-roll ad :( Anyone know when it airs again? IFC’s schedule is wacked.

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  • jay

    It is available in the free movies section of OnDemand here in Provo, Utah.

    I watched it yesterday, lots of file footage that I had seen before, and some new interviews.

  • Dweller

    It re-airs on Sunday, Aug. 31 at 9:45 PM EDT and Monday, Sep. 1 at 3:00 AM EDT according to IFC’s page on it. So just short of a month and nothing “On Demand” either =(