If you’re coming here from the SF Weekly piece

…. the piece that finds my privacy and harassment issues so hilarious as to write, “In a goodbye post on Wikipedia, Burch uploaded one of the police reports, which shows Blue’s home address, cell phone digits, driver’s license number, and — every woman’s nightmare — her weight.”

Yes, the pithy vanity of a woman’s restraining order request — my weight, my ass. Wow, the Weekly is so funny. Here is my very long, updated, detailed response as to why I sought legal relief — was *told* to by the SFPD, who take cyberharassment as seriously as real-life harassment — and filed for temporary restraining orders.

See also: “Conservative” Arizona couple gets judge to gag gay SF blogger.

  • twizted

    “…every woman’s nightmare — her weight.”

    OMG, I had to put down my yogurt, turn off my Alanis Morisette CD and drop my Nora Roberts book the last time someone revealed my weight to the public.

    Wow. Is that the lamest. most cliché kiss-off ever? I’m so sure you’re just freaking out if someone posts your natural hair color, but who cares if they tell potential crazies where you live?

    BTW – I’m 5′ 5.5″, and 167lbs. There. World, do your worst!