I’m on Playboy’s list of Sexiest Bloggers!

violet blue
Photo by Pauline and Pauline.

I love that they used the word “canoodling” even if the context is meta-ironic. Peep Playboy’s list of the Hottest Female Bloggers and vote… I see my friend Veronica Belmont is on there with me (yay!), and since I named her sexy geek #1 in my Top Ten Sexy Geeks list for 2007, I have to agree with their impeccable taste.

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  • Found your site through a google search for Veronica Belmont. Odd. So does this mean you’ll be bearing all for the bunny?


  • A flowered bunny,
    now that´s something to canoodle :)

    Compliments, well deserved.

    btw, Paulie may be confused about becoming a lady ;)

  • Violet, I already made your list — that’s the only one that matters.

    bryanf – BLAND?! Fine, I’m not to everyone’s taste. I’d be cool with a (temp) makeover though ;)

  • i voted for you. wish i could do so twice

  • Liz

    I also just saw you on this top 50 MOst Influential Female Bloggers – you rule, no doubt about it.

  • “posing for Playboy isn’t exactly on my list.”

    What, Violet, you don’t want to be “airbrushed” until you look like a wax figure at Madame Tussaud’s?

    The editorial comment is fantastic, but they neglected to mention that it’s just not the amount of cleavage–it’s also *quality* cleavage.

  • oh, I don’t care about “winning” — posing for Playboy isn’t exactly on my list. plus, that voting system is *extremely* easy to hack, so I’m not taking the results terribly seriously. ;) what I do like, though, is editorial commentary like the photo that ran with the Fleshbot post about it:

  • I love you with all my heart Violet but Veronica is on it.If she wasn’t on I would have voted for you.I hope no hard feelings.

  • Amanda Congdon. I nearly pissed myself laughing when I saw her on the list.

    Oh, and Violet, seriously <3 you. <3 you so fucking much harder after comment #10.

    You had my vote before, but that was just so beautiful, there can be no doubt.

  • I vote only you…

  • quehanna

    Granted, I’m a bit biased, but you got my vote, Violet.
    Tinynibbles is the only blog I frequent and besides, the pic they chose to use of you makes me melt.

    I guess I don’t get out much or perhaps don’t use my pc often enough, because aside form the first person on the list, I’ve never heard of any of’em.

  • Regarding non-Violet vote options…

    What I’ve seen of Veronica online has left me vaguely irritated, though she’s likely quite nice in person. She is attractive… dunno, just doesn’t do it for me. It could be her bland fashion sense, she’d be quite hot in some more alterna-girl-type outfits. Maybe you could do a makeover? (PLS POST PICTURS!!)

    Heaven knows Amanda Congdon doesn’t need more exposure of any kind. But… OK, if she did some porn I’d totally watch it. But I wouldn’t pay for it, let’s just draw that line.

    I could vote for Natali Del Conte, I still think she’s quite hot even if she is working for The Man now. Sadly, I don’t think she’d survive a nude shoot, personally or professionally — she’s too tied up in that squeaky clean image, and seems too fragile to deal with the reams of negative press that would accompany “betraying her brand” and so forth. Oh well, maybe some day she’ll relax a bit.

    Dunno about the rest, never heard of them before. (Xeni who? teehee…)

  • @Donnie – ha! in that event, I’d cast my vote for Veronica. she’s the other “V” meat :D

  • Donnie

    I’d vote for you, but I’ve already seen you naked. Amanda Congdon I have not. Not that she’d pose, but I can dream.

  • thank you thank you!!! I’m so happy! and bryanf, that’s hilarious! yes, bwhahaha. you caught me trying to disappear the malfeasance of the sexy geeks. but they are in the Wayback Machine, where *anyone* can find them. it took you so long to notice so it is obviously your fault. I wasn’t going to tell you until public scrutiny made me because things in the public are really a private matter. my work in the past was worthless and so I removed it. nothing in that post had any weight. they knew I did it in secret and are lying if they say otherwise. if you only knew what they did you would see that it is justified. but I won’t tell you so you’re going to have to trust me. it is for their own good. you wouldn’t leave piles of poo lying around in your own house, would you? those persons really had it coming. how can you defend them like that?

    okay, long day over here… I accidentally pasted a wonky URL, fixing it now…

  • BrianS

    So well deserved. Someone’s got their head(s?) screwed on straight over there.

  • bryanf

    Your “Top Ten Sexy Geeks list for 2007” link gives a 404, did you unpublish the post? ;)

  • You got my vote too, for sure! You have tough competition but I’ll tell everyone I know to vote for you :)

  • so if you win, you get to pose for playboy.com? i hope there’s a cash reward, because their website leaves a lot to be desired.

  • Well deserved!
    Congrats as well

  • bswise

    Well, ya got my vote, but since you’re the only nominee shown wearing glasses, it hardly seems like a fair fight (for the others, that is).

  • I voted for you and chuckled at the irony of who was nominated right above you. OH, INTERNETS.

  • I voted.

    Oh, yeah…for you! ;)

  • Congrats!