Homegirl makes good! SF Bay Guardian’s best of the bay 2008 = me!

sf bay guardian: best of the bay = me

I’ll admit I Flickr’d it before posting the brag-gasm here (spank as you please), but here’s my ecstatic comment, “they called me “beloved”! it was quite a surprise, even the photog couldn’t tell me what it was for. I just went for it and hoped for the best… (in print and web).”

I do take seriously, however, the snuzzlydogcatster gauntlet comment thrown down at me by Sir Rheingold for competing with me for the (2008) SFBG’s “Best Violet Blue” award next year. I am indeed keeping score from this point forward, young man. ;)

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  1. Visa contacted me about him getting a “Best of the Bay” for bartending. When I started reading through all of the people who won a “Best of..” I had a feeling you would show up on the list. Congrats Violet!!!

  2. congratulations!

    the thing that has been annoying me is reading the comments elsewhere from people who do not seem to grasp that Violet Blue is your given name and not a pseudonym/stage name. of course you needed to make sure there is no confusion about who you are due to your chosen occupation, and an actress in porn flicks is not it.

    again, congratulations as you make progress in being you!

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