Do you want to play a game?

Impact Games: “Play The News: BoingBoing Censored. Choose a role. Take an action. Predict the future.“.

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  • twizted

    Hahaha. At least you seem to still be able to laugh a little at this ridiculous fiasco.

  • Hex

    There is a a discussion on Play the News that would benefit by having Violet Blue enter the fray to clarify things, especially about the content of the BoingBoing blogs and if her relationship with the editor was a factor in the unpublishing. Sex education is sorely lacking and even though I have not searched out the BoingBoing archives for deleted blog entries, seems to me, by perusing this web site, that VB is the Sue Johanson of the Internet. (In case you don’t know Sue, she’s a way hip 80 year old grandma who hosts the Sunday Night Sex Show, a favourite in Canada since 1996.)

  • anon

    hm. all i get is a blank page… i guess that’s appropriate in one sense. ;) i was hoping that this would be an artfully childish response to an disdainfully childish action. probably is, but the 64-32-bit flash bridge is acting up again.

  • Donnie

    This is a game no one can win.

  • Do I have to play as the Boing Boing people? Can’t I be a good guy?

  • I won!