A moment of brag: “Obama should ‘end war’ on sex education”


Today I had the uberly dorkily giddy thrill of being (re)published on the very prestigious RH Reality Check website with my piece Obama or McCain’s National Sex Ed Program — and the editor asked me to be a contributor, bestowing me with a blog! I was featured on the front page all day, along with journalists and topics that blew my mind. Such an honor. In case you’re wondering what this context means for me, and us, and everything we do even when we read blogs like mine, RH Reality Check is a United Nations Foundation online publication covering global sexual and reproductive health and rights news and information. They’re known for award winning original reporting, and affecting global policy.

It’s a big deal. And thank you for sticking around to share this moment with me. We’re going to make this world a better place for human sexuality and human equality while we’re here. I know it. More high-profile reblogging on my piece here.

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  1. Congratulations! After the trolls you’ve had to endure and long road to building up your reputation and knowledge, this is third-party validation and proof that do you have much to contribute to the world. Keep up the fabulous work, my dear!

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