Want: Sega’s Ema

Over at Guardian UK they have great video from Sega of their upcoming humanoid robot, Ema (pronounced “Emma”) — designed in female form. Finally! I’ve been waiting and waiting for this particular style of bot to have boobs for what seems like ever, and I especially love how they’re spinning it as a form of virtual girlfriend for bachelors. I also really, *really* want a Femsapien. But what makes this especially sexbloggable is that in the video, there’s not only human male and bot kissing, but a short clip of what looks like girl-girl hot bot “Love Mode” action. Sweet. Snip:

Sega’s curvaceous new robot walks like a lady and blows kisses to her fans. The 38-centimetre-tall humanoid, called EMA (pronounced Emma) – short for Eternal, Maiden and Actualization – uses infrared sensors to detect nearby men and has more than sixty moves, including smooching whenever her programming kicks into “Love Mode”.

Unlike Sega’s robotic musicians and pets, the diminutive damsel is mainly targeted at single males in their 20s. “EMA is very lovable. She’s not a human, but can act like a real girlfriend,” Sakanoue said, adding it would be perfect for shy people looking for a bit of companionship.

Japanese men will be able to take EMA home for about US$175 by September, and Sega hopes to sell 10,000 of the adult-oriented androids within a year. (…read more.)

I have to wonder… Ema, pronounced Emma, as in Emma Peel? Also, here’s Engadget’s writeup and here’s a YouTube clip of the release (a different video than the crisp Guardian one, alas the Guardian’s video is not embeddable ***lameFAIL***).