Katie West’s crazy hot new book

katie west

You know how much I’ve ranted and raved over this year’s must-have self-published erotic photo book 111??? by Merkley??? — and now I’ve got another one for ya: Katie West‘s new book, low self-esteem. Mon dieu this Canadian girl is on fire! I drooled all over her web presence and proclivity for public nudity previously in this post, and now she’s taken her very best nudes (and some we haven’t yet seen) and worked really hard to put them in her fine, fine book. The great thing — besides seeing a tasty naked girl frolic in many provocative settings — is supporting this incredible woman’s work, knowing she made it herself, and is sole proprietor of the publication. To me, there’s just something sweeter and sexier about porn and erotica when you know it comes form a cool individual, you’re supporting self-publishing, and that you give money right to the artist.

No, rilly: peep the previews and then buy Katie’s book! I don’t know her or get a kickback, I just think she’s fantastic.

  • I completely love her work. In fact, my wife and I bought a handful of her prints a few years ago and have them in our apartment. She’s clearly a smart and interesting (and nerdy!) person, which makes it all the more awesome.