Crushed out on Katie West

katie west
Images of Katie West courtesy of Katie West (thank you!)

It’s time I introduced you to one of the more consistently delightful contacts via my Flickr account: Katie West. She’s somewhat recently gone through the mill with Flickr’s yet-to-be clearly defined content rating system, and her whole account has been forcibly made “moderate” after three attempts to understand their definitions — so you can’t see her photos from the outside. Don’t fret: visit her website for lots of yummy goodness, and if you’re saddled with the investment of community, lots of friends and long-term profile building at Flickr enough to be a member, then turn off your safe search settings and add her to your contacts for occasional images of extreme deliciousness. She likes to be naked at school. I like that in a girl. Plus, her self-portraits are nothing short of fucking amazing.

katie west

She has a very sexy self-published book coming out soon called “Low Self Esteem” and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll do a post about where to get the book as soon as she announces it’s available.

katie west

Incidentally, her Flickr account being made moderate had me sign up for ipernity, which is European and cool about arty grownup content, and I’m playing with it this afternoon… It’s new enough that I got my first name in my account URL (sweet!), and the UI is pretty smooth — and, ummmm, verrry similar to Flickr…

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