Hot geek girl interview: Athena Hollow

athena hollow

My friends over at have a great interview with the proprietrix of Geek Girls Online, the sexy Gothy Athena Hollow. She’s modeled for a number of altporn pinup sites and started her own homegrown geek-focused amateur pr0n site last year. Her LJ is here, you can see preview galleries of Geek Girls Online or jump to the main GGO front door, but the interview Altporn has is great. I think Athena’s brainy, sexy and fabulous and her site features hot girls of all sizes and hues that are uniformly hardcore, smart, sexy geeks. Here are a couple snips:

When did you launch your GeekGirlsOnline site and what made you decide to do it?

Well, it officially launched the first week of October 2007, although it had been in the works since late June/Early July.

As far as what made us decide to do it, it had been an ongoing conversation for the past 4 or so years with my finance. We were always wondering why there were only a handful of geeky-girl porn sites. Being a geek myself, and not having the time to really be in front of the camera lately, I felt it was a great idea to start a site that featured real girls, that had interests similar to mine, since all but a handful of previous similar ideas had failed.

Your GeekGirlsOnline site seems very gamer oriented. Has the gaming community been receptive to what you are doing so far? Have you met any resistance?

The gaming community as a whole has been very supportive. There have been a few minor incidences of single groups not particularly caring for our site, as they see the gamer community as a “family friendly” society.

I look at it this way: Our site community is growing everyday, and our gamer conversations never seem to end. GeekGirlsOnline really was made as an outlet for geeks alike, and it’s not like we are going to all ages conventions and passing out fliers, or shoving it into people’s faces. But, on the other hand, we aren’t going to hide underground somewhere because a handful of people don’t like us. A lot of people in high school didn’t like me, but it didn’t stop me from being myself.

What is your opinion of altporn sites that claim to be run by women but actually are not?

It’s actually the reason I didn’t go work for “that evil altporn empire” that shall not be named. I feel that it’s insulting to a model’s intelligence to claim to be run one way, and in the contract you sign away your life for 2 years to some guy whom you have never heard of.

What is the difference between a geek, a dork, and a nerd?

A dork is that guy who was a class clown, but wasn’t really funny. He picked on you in high school, because he liked you, but you found his personality revolting, so you never gave him the time of day.

A nerd is a braniac. Someone who spends more time in a book, than in reality.

A geek is a combination of a nerd, a dork and a gamer. And normally has a very artistic side to them, whether it’s through writing or physical artwork. (…read more.)

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