This weekend: Cupcake Camp!

They say it’s for cupcake lovers — but I’ll just go ahead and say it’s for lovers, period: this sunday here in San Francisco my very close friend Ariel Waldman is the buttercream-alicious driving force behind Cupcake Camp, at Citizen Space from 2-6 pm. Tonight she told me they’re going to have way more cupcakes than people (YAY) and last night I chatted with a very cute nerdy tech boy who was demurely querying about Cupcake Camp and whether girls might like boys who bring cupcakes… Hey, I know it’s an all-ages event, but I’m just saying that something’s in the air. Something fun and sweet and sexy and geeky. Because Cupcake Camp is also about where frosting meets 2.0: barcamps and other “camps” have long been the more relaxed, more creative and more productivity focused gatherings that are the popular alternative to conferences. (In fact, camps tend to happen during tech conventions, and are typically excellent places to make professional connections.) So — come geek out with me and friends, and meet new cupcake-positive friends at Cupcake Camp! RSVP at Upcoming if you wanna. We’ll be channeling you, Rachel

See also: Cupcakes Take the Cake just profiled Ariel as the official Cupcake Camp organizer, and it’s a pretty sexy interview.

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