Slate’s girls night at the firing range

Image by Helmut Newton.

The video embedded below was on the front page of Slate yesterday and now it’s impossible to find — luckily I coped the embed code for Girls’ Night Out At The Firing Range because it’s really an enjoyable video. Host and writer Samantha Henig is a gun n00b who goes to the only gun range in Manhattan, interviews the really interesting proprietor, and then she has her first go with a rifle. She’s a little bewildered, but what’s great about this video is that Henig somehow managed to visit the range at the same time as a group of women who are there on an outing dressed to the nines, complete with sky-high stiletto spike heels. Not only do they look *hot* but they’re freakishly skilled with their firearms. So. Excellent. I want to do a show like this…

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  1. indeed we can! there are several great ranges around here. personally, I have a lovely .45 and my eyes are on a couple other sweet models. I used to moderate an online group called “The Filthy Bitches Gun Club”, mostly girls (and guys who love girls who love guns), mostly local. much fun!

    yes, that gun resolution was ridiculous and upsetting to the many gun owners of SF — girls and queers and all.

  2. Girls and guns. ummmm. But can you San Fran girls actually get your hands on guns? I thought they were banning them or some non sense like that?

    Go learn how to shoot while you still can.

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