Trying to blog from the Denver airport, but oh noes! I’m pr0n!

Picture 11This is a screencap of the result you get when you try to visit this website from the Devner airport — nice categorization, eh? So how am I blogging this from the Denver airport? Pure sneakiness. Poor Denver airport travelers — no sex for you! And no work for lots of people, like me. Lamesauce!

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  • Well thats just dumb, why is the Denver airport worried about what people are looking at while they wait for their flights? being in the airport is torture enough without them blocking all th fun stuff cuz they have issues ;)

  • But lookit all the nipples they show in that notification screen!
    They could feed an army with all them teets!

  • I was going to write something back, but while her site is about sex and technology, I think that my response had too much technology, and not enough sex.

    This is turning into a mini-howto on basic and advanced firewall piercing. While I do think that this is important for people who are worried about their privacy online, I also think that this discussion needs to happen elsewhere and not clutter up a sex blog with too much tech-talk. If anyone ‘s looking for that info, my website link ( has an article with links to appropriate software.

  • anon

    More specifically on the ssh tunnel, here’s a relevant tutorial. Or if you use a local ISP that’s going up against the eavesdroppers, you have access to a pretty fast VPN.

    Avoiding poorly-run DNS servers while travelling is a side benefit to using a tunnel or VPN. Sometimes sites appear to be faster simply because the name lookups are faster.

  • Read my lips – ssh tunnel :-)
    I hate this sort of thing, but run into it a lot to the point that I’m seriously considering writing a “portable app” package that bypasses it. Annoying.

  • David Carroll

    Fret not Ms Blue you are in good company. David Byrne noted the other day that he was unable to access Boing Boing in Denver. The category was “Incidental Nudity, Blogs/Wiki”. He did not mention TinyNibbles but I am sure he tried that too.

    I suspect that Denver International Airport would rather hear from 100 bloggers than one angry parent. Plus they probably save a lot on bandwidth charges.

  • Yeah it must be all that thin air up there in Denver. I when through that airport once. It is to bad that they can’t tell the dif of what Ms. Blue does, and real porn.

    Although if you will permit me one question of silly. Now since Denver is a mile high, and you have sex there, does that still qualify you for teh mile high club? just a question.

    have a Great day!

  • Aye, my workplace blogs your blog as well. It’s listed as “Sex and Sexuality,” which seems spot on to me. Although maybe something more like, “Sex, Sexuality and Killer Machines” might be more accurate.

  • Will

    Well, considering how amazingly sexy your blog is and how cunning your linguistics, it seems to me that they are not entirely incorrect. Clearly these people are really your fans and want to keep the Violet all to themselves. Bwa-ha-ha.