My press release… From my best friend!?

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Image: Lorelei Lee seems to be helping with cleanup at the Armory. Link leads to gallery and videos of her sensory deprivation scene for The Training of O in the Armory’s old shooting range.

It’s pretty funny to wake up with a press release in my inbox, and be like, this is the first press release I’ve ever gotten… from my best friend! I’m not one to regurgitate press releases, but I’ll snip the salient bits from the announcement and ooze just a drop of jealousy that Thomas has Peter Acworth saying things about him like that (me = green eyes). Snips: Welcomes New Public Relations Manager: Taps 20 Year Veteran of Sex Writing, Marketing and Sex Education

SAN FRANCISCO (February 28, 2008) announced the hire of veteran writer and sex educator Thomas Roche as Public Relations Manager, in a move founder and owner Peter Acworth said would help the company continue its focus not only on sales, but also on community outreach and positive educational messages.

“Thomas doesn’t just bring along his marketing and advertising background,” said Acworth. “He’s been a community sex educator for fifteen years and a professional sexuality writer since the 1980s. He understands our mission, not only to provide fetish entertainment but to change the world’s thinking about alternative sexualities in general.”

Already a widely published author in the erotica world and a six-year veteran of the medical advertising industry, Roche served as Marketing Manager at San Francisco erotic retailer Good Vibrations ( from 2001-2004. From 2005-2008, he was the Managing Editor at Eros Zine (, the cutting-edge erotic arts and culture webzine founded by Eros Guide CEO Byron Mayo.

In 1993, Roche joined local educational group San Francisco Sex Information ( as a phone volunteer and since 1998 has served as a member of their all-volunteer training staff, which conducts a four-weekend, 60-hour course in sex education twice a year for healthcare workers, mental health professionals, writers, speakers, educators and the general public.

“I figure there are dream jobs, then there are dream jobs — then there’s,” said Roche. “They understand the power of sexual fantasy to liberate, not just to make money. At the core of it is the belief that consensual sexual adventure is a healthy lifestyle choice.”

Continued Roche: “Having written about sex for more than two decades and taught sex ed as well, I believe is one of the few porn companies where the dialog about sexuality is driven by the principles of the BDSM community. The work is edgy and taboo, but even more importantly it’s safe, sane and consensual.”

Then it goes on about press and PR blah, blah, affiliates, blah blah… but congrats, Thomas! And all this time, here I was hoping that your new job at Kink would be at Butt Machine Boys… Oooh, he’s going to smack me for that one at our Friday lunch tomorrow…

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