Nibble Me Quick

Again a teensy entry; I got called in for Fleshbot duty this week, which keeps me fuzzy handcuffed to my desk.

The good: Senze, Issue #4
The sad: R.I.P. Gilles Neret (My very explicit and super-erotic pick: Serge Jacques.
The really yucky, why I had to leave the Webzine2005 meeting early last night mumbling “I really have to go deal with the fucking horse fucker.”: Wet Spots

My friend Jackson’s response to the horse fucker (warning: scary bad image alert).

The best ending to my week: Boing Boing is offering $250,000 to anyone who can produce empirical evidence which proves that Jesus is not the son of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Zell Miller, there’s sauce on your face.

Update: Matching funds have brought the “Pastafarian” kitty up to $750,000! Look out Xeni, or Pat Robertson will have you wearing a set of meatball shoes and dumped in a river of pesto…

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