A very specialized menu

Sent to me today from dearest Jonno dot com who writes, “A rather extraordinary menu from Mrs. F.A. Tasse’s “Capacious Capsulation Parlors” in the collection of my friends at the Block-Keller House, New Orleans.” Clicking to enlarge the image is highly recommended (it’s SO Deadwood), and his comments are well worth reading.

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  1. Just have to go up and down the crack with the penis. I assume any sort of action back there with your penis is called that. I am not sure through. I just know what it is called when it was just anal sex.

    I have not seen many sort of books like this. I think many were destroyied or in private collections.

  2. That is some menu. I had to laugh at some of the entries and had to picture the time period this came from. I just love looking at things like this in the past.

    I just love the last quote “If you are not a self-starter, stay home and jack yourself off.” – Jonno dot com

    This is a great find, hope more like this will be coming to your site Violet. Love your work.

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