“Violet Blue – SkyCam”

Me and all that is like me, by Merkley???



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  1. Merkley has made a gothette into a manga girl! Amazing transformation of the subject into some different from their standard persona. Though in line with the subject/VB’s oeuvre as well, witness the sex toys and the ever always trusty Mac.Would make a great cover to an adult manga or anime film, including the other pieces Merkley has done. Brilliant photography (on all the VB photos I’ve seen so far) in terms of both composition and concept.

  2. Beautiful, sexy Violet Blue and all those toys waiting to be used on you,
    but at first I’m afraid they’d go to waste,
    cause you look so good I’d needa taste!
    Powerful woman I know you are
    so you’d throw me down and sit on my ….

    You don’t really want me to keep going with this do you? OK, I’ll give it a rest.

  3. I’m sure many folks are getting carpal tunnel syndrome right now.

    So what feels better down there–Mac or PC?

    You give a whole new meaning to the word Flashdrive.

    Sorry I couldn’t resist.

    But seriously, you are an incredibly hot, sexy, gorgeous, intelligent woman who is able to make classy, sacrosanct porn!!!!

  4. Wow – nice work. In addition to being a hot model in the photographic target sense, you’re a role model for sexual empowerment. I’m still too embarassed to publish nude photos of myself, but thanks to awesome people like Violet, I’ve learned to be much more confident and happy with my body. Sex is for all of us, not just the siliconed, starved, sculpted, etc… Thank you for that.

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