CHOmfg the Cho Show is gonna getcha


I wish I had cable. Because The Cho Show looks like it’s going to be incredible — Margaret just emailed to show me that I’ve been in one of the promo clips running on VH1! Just a quick peep, but still. Watch this and tell me you don’t want to cry and laugh and think the world’s going to be okay for a minute at least:

And then look for me in the promo. Hi me!

The Cho Show (:30 Image) from Vinny Lopez on Vimeo.

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  • Sublimefemme

    I can’t wait for the show. Maybe *not* having cable is one of the secrets of your success!

  • littlehorn

    I mean, yes I can.

  • littlehorn

    Yes it does ! Thanks !

  • violet

    @ littlehorn, can you see it in this post? the long trailer, that is:

  • littlehorn
  • littlehorn

    “Music videos are accessible in the US only.” So what’s the adress of the fuckers ?

  • Amethystle

    This makes me sad to not have cable too.

    Maybe it will be buyable on iTunes?