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VB note: My sweetie is running the SF Marathon this Sunday to raise money for The Trevor Project, an LGBT youth suicide prevention organization. Help us meet (or beat!) our goal!

  • While American generals have been criticized for their handling of an epidemic of sexual assaults, Australia’s army chief, David Morrison, is getting rave reviews for a blistering video he released this week demanding, through clenched teeth, that sexists in his country’s military mend their ways or find another place to work.
    WATCH: Australia’s army chief demonstrates how you address sex abuse (The Week, thank you, Eric!)
  • At a luxury sex camp in the English countryside for women, hedonism and hard work go hand in hand. The brainchild of London-based best friends Lucy Arrowsmith and Vikki Van Someren, the four- to seven-day retreat aims to combat stress, exhaustion, trauma, and the loss of female identity and sexual energy.
    More Sex, Please (W Magazine)

Above: A teaser from the August 1 release of a new Penelope Cruz and Agent Provocateur collaboration.

  • Men write most of the commentary about the disastrous effects of romance novels on women and the public despite the fact that women from all regions and educational backgrounds compose the vast majority of the genre’s writers and readers.
    Why Do Men Dislike Erotica for Women So Much? (Pacific Standard)
  • Ye Haiyan, who goes by the online alias Hooligan Sparrow, is known for her outspoken, pioneering outreach work on sex work and HIV/AIDS. She was denied permission to attend the AIDS Conference in Melbourne when the Chinese government blacklisted her from traveling abroad, continuing a growing pattern of suppressing dissidents.
    China Bars Sex Worker Rights Activist From Traveling to International AIDS Conference (The Nation)

Above: Fun banned ad for fitness tracker TomTom Runner Cardio (via AdRants).

  • A prestigious group of HIV researchers made a loud and scientifically supported plea for the decriminalization of sex work at the 20th Annual International AIDS Conference yesterday, during a presentation of a series of seven studies published in The Lancet.
    Scientists call for the decriminalization of sex work (Verge)
  • Pleasure products giant Lovehoney takes center stage in the new reality series, “Frisky Business,” now available to U.S. viewers on Netflix. The six-part series offers insight into all aspects of the company – from the customer care team fielding intimate questions from shoppers to the returns department dealing with unwanted sex dolls.
    Lovehoney Documentary Streaming on Netflix (XBIZ)

  • A new study looks at the evolutionary psychology behind our ideas of sexual morality, that is, why we slut-shame and moralize about things like promiscuity. The connection between sexual behavior and morality, the researches say, may have come about as a way of keeping a gender-based social order intact.
    Why We Care About Other People’s Sex Lives (The Atlantic)

Above: Great new ad campaign by “underwear subscription” startup, MeUndies.

  • Terri Conley, a professor of psychology and women’s studies at the University of Michigan who studies polyamory, has analyzed a sample of 1,700 monogamous individuals, 150 swingers, 170 people in open relationships, and 300 polyamorous individuals for a forthcoming study. The Atlantic says, “polyamorous people don’t seem to be plagued by monogamous-style romantic envy.”
    Multiple Lovers, Without Jealousy (The Atlantic)
  • This year’s Comic Con is holding the first ever trans specific panel, Breaking Barriers: Transgender Trends in Popular Culture, marks a positive step forward in comics, film, TV, and pop culture.
    Comic Con to Hold First-Ever Trans Panel This Year (SheWired)

  • Dita Von Teese launched her signature lingerie collection this week, and to the surprise of many, and in contrast to Agent Provocateur, Dita’s lingerie is available in “full figure” sizes.
    Dita Von Teese Lingerie Collection (Bare Necessities, above image via)

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  • Since the decline of Prenda Law, the most litigious copyright holder in the US is Malibu Media, a porn company that runs the website X-Art (featuring James Deen and Belle Knox). Last year, a judge sanctioned Malibu for including exhibits that listed “expanded surveillance”—that is, copyrighted material supposedly downloaded by the defendant but not owned by Malibu. In a Michigan case the company asked the defendant to supply information about every adult website visited in the last two years, by any member of the household.
    Copyright holder’s question: How much porn do you watch? (Ars Technica)
  • What AVAST researchers found after purchasing 20 “wiped” phones on eBay and digging up, altogether, more than 40,000 individual bits of data: More than 1,500 pictures were family photos of children, more than 750 were nude photos of women, and more than 250 were “selfies” of male genitals presumably taken by the previous owner.
    Nude pics, other data, recovered from ‘wiped’ Android phones purchased on eBay (SC Magazine)

  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spent $1.1 million dollars in grants last month in the effort for better safer sex. The 11 projects evenly splitting the cash are tasked to produce the “next generation of condom:” a prophylactic that “significantly preserves or enhances pleasure” in a bid to boost their regular use. This is the second time the foundation has given such a hefty sum to condom research.
    11 Next Generation Condoms Funded by the Gates Foundation (Future of Sex)
  • The hunt for a perfect contraceptive has gone on for millennia. A new candidate is now on the horizon: a wireless microchip implant that can be turned on and off with a remote control and that is designed to last up to 16 years.
    A Contraceptive Implant with Remote Control (MIT Technology Review)
  • Worried about how you’ll come across should you stumble upon a genital piercing? With a little help from our (pierced) friends, you can avoid embarrassing yourself, wasting time worrying, or straight up annoying your new paramour with the questions they’ve likely heard a whole lot of times.
    The Dumbest Questions Pierced People Get In Bed (Nerve)

  • The media frenzy surrounding Belle Knox, the “Duke University Freshman Porn Star,” as the press has described her, has drawn pointed attention to the intersection of pornography and college life. Academic journal Porn Studies is now looking for papers on the subject.
    PORN STUDIES Call for Papers: Porn Goes To College (PinkLabel TV)

  • Researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario asked 84 committed heterosexual couples to come into their lab and answer written questionnaires about both their own levels of sexual satisfaction and that of their partners.
    Can you fake sexual satisfaction? New study thinks not (Chicago Tribune)
  • "You are invited to participate in a research study about college student’s sexual behaviors and exposure to sexually explicit media."
    Study: College Students and Sexually Explicit Media (Dr. Debby Herbenick, Department of Applied Health Science, Indiana University)

  • "A key component of the study is the experience of 'coming out', which is an important part of identity for many people. It is not necessary for you to have come out in order to take part in this study -- in fact, we are keen to obtain data from as many different types of people as possible."
    Study: Identity, Personality and 'Coming out' (Jamie F. Lawson, Department of Anthropology, University of Durham)
  • Luxury Swedish sex toy brand LELO is hosting the LELO UNdesign award 2014, inviting designers to develop ideas and objects that encourage real interaction and human harmony. LELO is seeking submissions that respond to three proposed categories: fashion and accessories; technology, products & spaces; and graphic illustration and planning.
    UNdo, UNcomplicate, UNdesign: 2014 LELO UNdesign award

VB note: I'll bet the definition of "hypersexuality" in the content of headlines such as these currently making the rounds is a different definition for women than it would be for men.

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Above: Amber Heard by Steven Klein | W Magazine

  • Look up the code F66.0 in the International Classification of Diseases (ICD), the world’s most widely used diagnostic reference, and you’ll find sexual maturation disorder. That seemingly official psychological condition occurs when uncertainty about sexual orientation makes a person depressed or anxious, according to the ICD.
    No scientific basis for gay-specific mental disorders, WHO panel concludes (Science)
  • This article is intense, and the Tinder guys are really fucked up — oh, and like Snapchat, their startup myth is all lies. Wolfe says in her suit: “Although it is tempting to describe the conduct of Tinder’s senior executives as ‘frat-like,’ it was in fact much worse — representing the worst of the misogynist, alpha-male stereotype too often associated with technology startups.”
    The Truth About Tinder and Women Is Even Worse Than You Think (Bloomberg)
  • At least 3,000 porn websites around the world feature the revenge porn genre, and the number is rising, says John Di Giacomo of Revision Legal, a Michigan-based law firm. Women’s charities in Britain and America say more victims are contacting them for help all the time. (Men are occasionally targeted, too.) In Japan the number of cases reported to police more than tripled, to 27,334, between 2008 and 2012.
    Misery merchants (The Economist)
  • CNBC reports that Google is now banning porn businesses from utilizing their ad network. The truth is, the policy of not allowing adult ads in the Google ad network was announced in March.
    Google AdWords Begins Enforcing Porn Ads Rules (Search Engine Land)
  • “Join sex, relationship and business geek, Reid Mihalko of for an informative and humorous evening where he’ll show you three crushing mistakes most sex educators are making that leave them frustrated, burnout and broke, and the successful business models and practices that will help you turn your calling into a life-long, successful career.”
    SFSI Seminars: The Business Side of Sex Ed: How To Make a Living As a Sex-Positive Professional (Brown Paper Tickets)

  • I, along with 200-plus others, have decided to spend my weekend learning about consensual non-monogamy or love with multiple partners. In other words, polyamory. This is one of a handful of conferences and retreats organized each year by Loving More, a nonprofit that’s been promoting “openly and deeply loving more than one person at a time” for over 27 years.
    A Surprising Weekend Inside the Touchy-Feely World of Polyamory (Nerve)

  • When my boyfriend and I were looking at our first apartment together last year, the number-one thing we decided we needed in order to get along was… separate bedrooms. We’re not the only ones. Arianne Cohen recently proclaimed that sleeping in her “woman cave” (a.k.a. guest room) helped save her marriage…
    The Beauty Of Not Sleeping Together (Refinery 29)
  • Kink CEO Peter Acworth has released a video statement giving his side of the events surrounding the protest of a prison theme of a gay circuit party, and expressing regrets that anyone had to be arrested. He makes clear that Kink is not looking to press any charges against anyone. But in the video, it is clear that some protesters were more in search of a fight than others.
    Video Released From Saturday Armory Protest;’s Peter Acworth Responds (SFist)
  • This letter is fantastic. “It’s my understanding that the FBI considers all speech activities on the domain ‘unprotected speech’. I hereby state for the record, that I was a MyRedBook VIP member, and enjoyed the use of those “private and public forums” for the purposes of speech which had heightened expectations of privacy as characterized by anonymous, password protected speech on the Internet.”
    MyRedBookVIP: The Letter (MyRedBookVIP)
  • The FBI seizures of and could put more than 10,000 sex workers who relied on the sites in financial turbulence, says a leading authority on erotic service providers. Maxine Doogan, who leads the nonprofit ESPLER — known formally as the Erotic Service Provider Legal, Educational and Research Project — said that MyRedBook, in particular, had more than 40,000 listings for erotic services when it was seized by the FBI and IRS.
    MyRedBook Closure Said to Affect More Than 10,000 Sex Workers (XBIZ)

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  • Adult movie company ZIZ Entertainment recently auctioned off several costumes featured in its cosplay-themed porn videos Taimanin Asagi and Taimanin Yukikaze, which is based on the adult computer games by the same name. And people are willing to pay top dollar, er, yen, for the used outfits.
    Cosplay Porn Outfits Fetching Thousands of Dollars (Kotaku)

  • Dana DeArmond is the thinking man’s pornstar. An early social media star, DeArmond had nearly a million Myspace friends earning her the name “The Internet’s Girlfriend” before she even began her career.
    Dana DeArmond has 10 things to say to men (NAME)
  • Visit,, or right now, and you’ll only find the seals of the law enforcement agencies—the FBI, the DOJ, and the IRS—that seized the sites as part of a prostitution and money laundering investigation. The seizure is part of a disturbing trend of targeting sex workers, but more than that, it is an attack on the rights to free speech and free association exercised by a diverse group of people, many of whom have nothing to do with the alleged crimes.
    Whose RedBook? Why Everyone Should be Concerned By the Seizure of MyRedBook.Com (EFF)

  • Swedish designer sex toy brand LELO is sponsoring “SELF,” a multimedia theater production staged in Shanghai. LELO’s endorsement comes as part of its UnDesign Award 2014, the company said, which challenges creatives to explore new ways of building connections in all their forms.
    LELO Sponsors ‘Transmedia’ Theater Performance (XBIZ)
  • Michael Biehn, who appeared in such sci-fi blockbusters as “The Terminator” and “Aliens,” is sticking to the genre with “Fembot,” the next movie he and his wife, Jennifer Blanc, are making. The plot imagines a not-too-distant future where citizens can buy a robot companion designed specifically for them.
    Married duo to film sci-fi thriller ‘Fembot’ (Page Six)

  • Last week ABC’s Nightline ran a story about female libido pill Sprout’s new tactic with the FDA. If the piece is a harbinger of things to come, it’s looking good for Sprout. True liberation, apparently, comes in the shape of a little pink pill.
    The Revolution Will Not Come In Pill Form (About: Sex)

  • “Yesterday I finally made it out to Q-Toys, the only store in Austin that carries only safe, non-toxic sex toys, for a g-spot workshop… Yes, a sex educator started the g-spot workshop by saying that no one knows if the g-spot exists, and if it does, no one knows what it is. She drew up a diagram of vaginal anatomy, but with ??? instead of labeling the g-spot.”
    Yes, the G-Spot Is Real (Penny’s Dirty Thoughts)
  • “I keep accidentally watching porn where girls drink their own pee,” a straight male friend named Alex recently lamented. “My dick went limp in my hand,” another male friend said of the moment when a group-sex scene morphed into the horrifying depiction of one performer’s digestive troubles. Nevertheless, he watched the whole thing.
    The Porn Flâneur: What Baudelaire and LubeTube Have in Common (NY Mag)

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Image: From LIFE Magazine’s ‘Hays Code‘ issue (1940). I’m pretty sure this is where Instagram got their nudity guidelines.

  • Go home X-Art, you’re too drink to fuck. The nation’s largest source of “pay us or we’ll sue and tell everyone about the porn we say you downloaded” legal threats — Malibu Media, X-Art — doesn’t like being talked about on a website for those opposed to copyright trolls, and has gone so far as to describe that site’s users as a “fanatical Internet hate group.” Malibu Media is unhappy with the blog FightCopyrightTrolls, which has done its fair share of stories on Malibu and its more than 1,300 lawsuits filed in just the past year.
    Porn Company Labels Anti-Troll Blog A “Fanatical Internet Hate Group” (Consumerist)
  • California, which has the largest sex offender registry in the United States, has received the news from the California Sex Offender Management Board that their registry is not working. The board reported that about 95 percent of solved sex crimes are committed by people who are not on the registry, and said that the registry was created, in part, on assumptions that have since been proved to be wrong.
    Nation’s Largest Sex Offender Registry Finds Sex Offender Registry Does Not Work (The Speaker)

  • An NYU graduate student explores what it means to expose ourselves online by creating a dress called x.pose that translates data sharing into real-life exposure. Using 3D printing, Chen, along with collaborator Pedro Oliveira, has created a dress that has 20 hand-cut reactive displays built into a black, flexible mesh that change from opaque to transparent as more data about herself is shared online.
    3D-printed dress exposes your body as you reveal data (CNET)
  • A Hamilton man faces a public indecency charge for allegedly simulating sex with a pool raft. He was also arrested for having sex with a pink pool raft in June of 2013 and in August of 2011.
    Police: Man had sex with pool toy, again (
  • Bacchus writes, “The next time you hear someone claim that porn stars are a bunch of exploited victims who obviously must have have been coerced into making porn by the depravity of their economic circumstances… here’s Rain DeGray’s Why I Accidentally Became A Porn Star, [where] she cites a reason that has absolutely nothing to do with the money.”
    Porn, For The Experience (Eros Blog)

  • A year after a shockingly endowed statue of Spider-Man hung outside a South Korean shopping center, artist Eunsuk Yoo’s creation has been removed. The statue was commissioned for the Lotte Shopping Center in Busan, South Korea, specifically near the mall’s playground which… I mean, we can all agree that was probably a bad choice, right?
    Spider-Man Statue Removed From South Korean Playground Because It Has A Gigantic Boner (Comics Alliance)
  • Maxim Magazine, which bills itself as “the place to come to if you love looking at the hottest ladies the planet has to offer,” is suing an Arizona-based porn site for copying its trademarked name.
    Maxim Magazine suing porn site for using name (NY Post)
  • Back in 2013, Fundawear caused quite a stir. A video of an attractive young couple wearing these vibrating underpants hit the net and caused a stir, and has since racked up more than 7 million views on YouTube…
    Wearable Technology Gets a Sexy Fashion Makeover (Future of Sex)
  • Former Girls Gone Wild mogul Joe Francis faces new contempt charges after he allegedly assaulted and battered individuals at his old headquarters and because he hasn’t returned two company vehicles to a bankruptcy trustee. Francis subsequently was arrested on his second trip to the offices after he threatened employees, refused to leave and pushed Adam Levin, the new vice president of the entity that purchased Girls Gone Wild’s assets.
    Joe Francis Ordered to Answer New Contempt Charges (XBIZ)

  • The story of one adult website’s Bitcoin journey seems to provide a neat yet exhilarating summary of its trials and tribulations over the past year. Meet, a web-based service allowing male members to videochat with female members in a strictly Internet-only relationship – and then pay them.
    MyGirlFund: A paradigm of Bitcoin’s transformation (Coin Telegraph)
  • Misleading headline, interesting topic. “Scientists think they have figured out a way to wipe out mosquitoes. Based on laboratory experiments, they think they can do it by messing up the sex life of Anopheles gambiae, the mosquito that sucks blood out of other animals, including humans, that carries the parasite that causes a disease for which there is no vaccine.”
    How Sex Could Wipe Out Malaria (ABC News)
  • Warning: very disturbing. A Florida accountant kept three sex workers prisoner in his upper middle class home for months. Timothy Deegan, 53, of Gainesville, drugged the women and videotaped himself raping them, tracked the women using hidden cameras and GPS devices, and forced them to keep his house clean, all under the noses of his well-to-do neighbors — some of whom saw and heard things they should have called the police about.
    Florida accountant kept hookers as sex slaves in well-to-do pad: cops (NY Daily News)
  • Warning: very disturbing. “Several Cape Town [South Africa] schoolgirls may be the stars of crush porn videos, with some cases dating back two years as the demand for local porn rises in Europe. The SPCA, sounded the warning after press revealed last weekend that a so-called crush porn video was doing the rounds in Cape Town. It featured two girls from Edgemead High School crushing fish, while performing sexual acts, in a video titled Squishing Nemo.”
    More girls linked to ‘crush porn’ videos (IoL News)
  • The “G-shot” is a medical procedure originally intended to help treat urinary incontinence (typically for older women), but has sometimes been used to augment the G-spot, and is widely considered risky quackery.
    Dear Alice, What Is The G-Shot? (Go Ask Alice)

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  • A recent e-mail from the Google AdWords Team to advertisers employing its popular service for getting visitors to websites, warns of upcoming changes to the company’s advertising policies that will eliminate its use by adult — and potentially NSFW — companies.
    Google Gores Adult: An Industry Perspective (XBIZ)
  • GQ gave a reporter free license to spend real Bitcoin (and find debauchery), and he ended up delivering a really interesting, well-written story that is probably the best in its genre.
    Sex, Drugs, and Toasters: My Life on Bitcoin (GQ)

  • Farrah Abraham excels at being a celebrity, if our working definition is someone who finds a way to keep themselves in the news no matter what. The former ”Teen Mom” star, singer, and tomato sauce social messenger has now parlayed her much-hyped Vivid sex tapes with porn It Boy James Deen, “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom” and “Farrah 2: Backdoor and More,” into an erotic novel trilogy based around them.
    The Best & Worst Of Farrah Abraham’s Erotic Novel, In The Making (Celebrity Sex Tape) (The Frisky)
  • Sex with a dolphin: Margaret Howe Lovatt was involved in an experiment in the 1960s to help teach dolphins how to communicate with humans. One of the mammals, Peter, took a liking to her and ‘would rub himself on my knee, my foot or my hand and I allowed that,’ the woman said.
    Woman reveals she had sex with dolphin during 1960s NASA experiment (VIDEO) (NY Daily News)
  • Commissioned by San Francisco Magazine following a harrowing alleged hate crime that left 18-year-old agender high school student Sasha Fleischman with second- and third-degree burns covering their legs, Chloe Aftel’s “Agender” is an intimate photo series of agender, bigender, neutrois, and genderqueer young adults.
    PHOTOS: Meet the Agender Young Adults Challenging the Gender Binary (Advocate)
  • Europe’s Dusk! adult TV channel announced today that it is set to launch female-centric “Porna” porn programming in the U.S. in June. The company said that after delivering highly successful content throughout Europe, Holland-based Dusk! will provide select programming to cable TV systems in the U.S. and U.S. territories.
    Dusk! Set to Launch U.S. ‘Porna’ TV Channel for Women (XBIZ)

Image: Breaking Through the Binary: The Genderbread Person

  • The NYT debuted its new sex and vice beat last weekend with an in-depth front-pager in its metro section on an underground strip club/brothel (“A Strip Club in Manhattan Proves That Vice Is Hard to Kill”). The piece was penned by Times reporter Mosi Secret, who’s their new sin and vice reporter. According to the New York Observer, the new coverage is the brainchild of city editor Dean Chang, formerly of the New York Daily News, who said he is distinctly targeting the Playboy reader.
    The New York Times Adds ‘Sin & Vice’ to Metro Section Meet Mosi Secret, The Times’ New Sin and Vice Reporter (XBIZ, NY Observer)
  • Chris Atchison has been sex worker clients for about 20 years. The researcher doesn’t think that there is such a thing as a “typical john“. “People who purchase sexual services come from all walks of life,” Atchison told the Straight by phone. “They’re male, they’re female, they’re couples, they’re homosexuals, they’re heterosexuals, they’re bisexuals. They come from all racial and ethnic categories.
    No such thing as a typical john, says researcher (

Image via: You Can Now Put Ryan Gosling’s Face on Your Panties

  • I went to the Reddit post on this article (in r/news) and read the comments there, and decided: fuck Reddit. It’s a seriously sick place. “The subreddit, r/beatingwomen, was shut down Monday evening after moderators—volunteer redditors tasked with managing the community—posted a user’s personal information online.”
    Reddit bans infamous forum about beating women (Daily Dot)
  • Immigrant parents from African and other nations have long sent their daughters back to their ancestral homes for the summer, a trip intended to help them connect with their families and traditions. During their stays, some girls are swept into bedrooms or backwoods and subjected to genital cutting in the belief that it will prevent promiscuity, ready them for marriage or otherwise align them with the ideals of their culture.
    A Fight as U.S. Girls Face Genital Cutting Abroad (NYT)

  • This looks AWESOME! I have high hopes and lots of good feels for Planned Parenthood’s new Tumblr column, Advanced Sex Ed. The first installment is STD vs. STI.
    Welcome to Advanced Sex Ed (
  • The Washington Post published a column from conservative George Will that asserted rape victims are given a “coveted status” that “confers privileges.” The theme continued on Tuesday with a new piece from W. Bradford Wilcox and Robin Fretwell Wilson that offered some advice to all those people who have been tweeting #YesAllWomen in protest against rape and sexual assault. “One way to end violence against women? Stop taking lovers and get married,” the headline reads, followed by the subhead, “The data show that #yesallwomen would be safer hitched to their baby daddies.” WaPo’s editor has since apologized. But still, ew, WaPo, I’d never write for you, ever.
    WaPo’s Advice to Women Who Don’t Want to Be Raped: Get Married (Mediate)
  • New York senators voted today — and passed — legislation that would make revenge porn illegal in the Big Apple. The bill designates posting private, explicit photos of another person without their consent a class A misdemeanor on the first offense, punishable by one year in the slammer. A repeat offense would be acknowledged as a class E felony, punishable by four years in jail.
    New York Senate Passes Revenge Porn Ban (XBIZ)

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