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Meet indie erotica’s perfect couple: Filthy Housewives and Bisexual Husbands.

  • A sad day for slutwear: Frederick’s of Hollywood Group Inc., a Los Angeles lingerie brand, has closed all of its stores and will do business only online. Born out of the World War II pinup craze, the company was the brainchild of Frederick Mellinger. He initially opened a lingerie business in New York before moving the shop, renamed Frederick’s of Hollywood, to Los Angeles in 1947. Despite Mellinger’s famous quote that “sex never goes out of fashion,” the company fell behind competitors.
    Frederick’s of Hollywood closes all stores, strips down to Web (LA Times, thank you Cyrus!)

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  • “I had seen in the flesh what a simple ‘I have herpes‘ could do when said fearlessly, without shame,” Ella Dawson wrote. “Because when a real person — a woman you know and respect — casually mentions having herpes, it stops being a punchline and starts being someone’s reality.”
    Meet the woman who tells everyone, ‘I have genital herpes’ (Washington Post)
  • Instagram has clarified its community guidelines to better explain its policies around pornography and harassment. The social network has specifically banned “close-ups of fully-nude buttocks” — but said it would continue to allow photographs of post-mastectomy scarring and women breastfeeding.
    Instagram bans ‘fully-nude’ buttocks (Wired UK)

  • The war on sex work is a war on women: In May 2013, Monica Jones, a student and LGBT activist at Arizona State University, was arrested for “manifesting prostitution.” According to the FBI, police arrested over 57,000 people on such charges in 2011. The vast majority were women.
    Molly Crabapple: How police profile and shame sex workers (Fusion)

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  • A Japanese artist currently on trial for obscenity over vulva sculptures says her arrest shows how far behind her country is in terms of sexual equality. She was arrested last year after building a kayak shaped like her vulva and for emailing plans of the boat, which included pictures of her scanned genitalia, to others. If convicted of distributing or holding obscene images for the purposes of selling, Igarashi could face up to two years in prison and a fine of up to £13,400 (2.5m Yen).
    This woman faces two years in jail for making a vulva canoe (Independent UK)
  • Opponents of revenge porn laws warn that the spate of new legislation endangers free-speech laws. The ACLU has raised concerns about First Amendment rights and has cautioned against making revenge porn a felony, instead suggesting civil remedies.
    Could All These New Revenge-Porn Laws Actually Be a Bad Thing? (NY Mag: The Cut)
  • According to the company, Ashley Madison is the second most profitable dating enterprise on the internet, second only to Match. That’s why it’s reportedly preparing to go public in the hope of raising $200 million to fund international expansion.
    Ashley Madison IPO proves Adultery is big business (Engadget)

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  • Veteran adult performer Justine Joli’s move into manufacturing and distributing pot-infused edible products, namely marijuana jerky, is (bizarrely) seeing porn and marijuana hailed as “the new business bedfellows” by Three years ago, Joli, who has performed in about 250 adult films, started up Green Fairy Edibles; today, the star plans on moving away from porn, dissolve her adult website and invest hardily into Green Fairy Edibles. “I’m doing what most entrepreneurs do,” she told “I’m selling off my life and going all in. … One day of making jerky [makes me] the exact same amount I would make on set.”
    CNBC: Porn, Pot Are the New Business Bedfellows (XBIZ)

  • Free The Nipple (the film) follows a group of young women who take to the streets of New York City topless, to protest the archaic censorship laws in the United States. Activist Liv and With set out to start a movement and change the system through publicity stunts and graffiti installations while armed with First Amendment lawyers. The film explores the contradictions in our media-dominated society, where acts of violence and killing are glorified, while images of a woman’s nude body are censored by the FCC and the MPAA (as well as social media websites).
    Free The Nipple (Unscathed Corpse)

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Image above from Sheer Delight, Interview Magazine, March 2015 issue.

  • I love this post so much. “It seems a lot of people really, REALLY don’t get what ‘consent’ means. (…) If you’re still struggling, just imagine instead of initiating sex, you’re making them a cup of tea. (…) If they are unconscious, don’t make them tea. Unconscious people don’t want tea and can’t answer the question ‘do you want tea’ because they are unconscious.”
    Consent: Not actually that complicated (Rockstar Dinosaur Pirate Princess)
  • While living in Florida, Jennifer had Google searched “How to make money” and landed on a page about BDSM dungeons. She began reading about the business and started operating one part-time. Without a house to call her own, though, her dungeon struggled to turn a profit.
    How to Afford Park Slope? Run a BDSM Dungeon (Brooklyn Based)

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  • The FDA actually started seizing our shipments of their lubricant, so we can’t even get it in the store anymore,” said Sarah Mueller, senior sex educator and resident lube expert at the Smitten Kitten, a sex boutique in Minneapolis.
    The FDA’s Crusade Against Lube (VICE)

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  • Video game Senran Kagura has teamed up with several well-known ramen restaurants for what’s being called, and I quote, “An Enormous Breast Ramen Festival” (爆乳ラーメン祭り or “Bakunyuu Raamen Matsuri”). Until April 5, five noodle restaurants in Tokyo are serving their own Senran Kagura noodle dishes that you would not exactly call subtle.
    Ramen Has Never Been This Lewd or Perverted (Kotaku)
  • Joy St. James writes, “Into a tiny, drawstring handbag I crammed some emergency cash, lipstick, mascara, and (just in case) condoms. Just walking from my car was an experience in itself. Like most women, I was taught from an early age to adopt what is called in Switzerland (where I’ve also lived) the Geradeaus Gait. … “Hey, baby! Looking good! Wiggle that ass for me!” The catcalls and leers, instead of offensive and annoying, I found reaffirming.”
    I Was A Streetwalker For A Night (Nerve)

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  • Pandora Blake writes, “When someone talks about ‘porn’ they probably have a specific vision in mind, and that vision may not match someone else’s. Here is a fact: you cannot possibly imagine all porn.”
    Can porn empower women? (Medium)
  • Human trafficking – and sex trafficking in particular – has become something of a Christian cause célèbre. One of the most persistent criticisms of the movement is that it’s not opposed only to explicitly forced prostitution and child prostitution, but to prostitution as a whole, even when it’s engaged in by adult women who say they are sex workers by choice. That’s one point that some activists have no problem acknowledging. “FAAST and all of our partners are very intentional in that we say that all prostitution is inherently harmful,” said Mandy Porter, coordinator at the Faith Alliance Against Slavery and Trafficking, a Baltimore-based Christian coalition whose members include World Relief and the Salvation Army.
    How Evangelicals Took Sex Trafficking From Feminists and Made It a Christian Cause Célèbre (Slate, via Ms Naughty)
  • Massive warning for survivors of sexual trauma, assault, abuse: The Indian government has remained defiant over its ban on a BBC documentary about the 2012 fatal gang-rape of a student in Delhi despite a groundswell of acclaim for the film. India’s home minister, Rajnath Singh, has threatened to take action against the BBC, though did not elaborate on what form this may take, save that “all options are open”.
    Indian government remains defiant over ban on BBC rape documentary (Guardian UK)

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To celebrate the release of Best Women’s Erotica 2015 (and the great reviews it’s already getting — thank you!) I asked Alison Tyler for permission to reprint her story from the book here. And she said yes!

The book has a range of compelling stories with a refreshing variety of sexual encounters, and each of the authors has her own distinct style of literary erotic storytelling. In one story, a hacker finds himself in a predicament when he accidentally leaves his webcam on — and his female chat partner won’t let him off the hook. Another holds us as captive voyeur when a female ghostwriter indulges a wealthy businessman, and he uses her for far more creative purposes than just writing — even loaning her out to his business associates. In another, a woman becomes determined to find a dirty stranger to feel her up on the subway, and with the help of a clever and resourceful friend, she gets what she wants.

Among the collection’s stellar lineup of finalists is Alison Tyler’s story “A Not-So-Subtle Spice”. In it, Tyler takes us into an immersive and creative scenario, where “mild-mannered housewife” Bonnie discovers the fantasy of figging in a collection of Victorian erotica… and gets caught in a compromising situation. Illustrated with images from “Shibari Reverie” starring Tiffany Doll and Marc Rose.

A Not-So-Subtle Spice

By Alison Tyler, reprinted with permission
Excerpt from Best Women’s Erotica 2015

Bent over, bottom exposed in the split of the leggings, plump arsecheeks.

There was a time when I read Victorian pornography that I kept hidden beneath my mattress so my husband wouldn’t know. I’d bought the book at a secondhand store — clearly shelved by accident with the mysteries. The title had piqued my interest, and when I pulled the tome from the shelf, the fat spine split open, and I found myself mesmerized by the text on the yellowing pages.

Words leaped out at me: birching, pantaloons, figging, flogging, martinet. I knew what some meant, didn’t understand others. I’d only read a few paragraphs, growing wetter and wetter with each sentence, before deciding I needed to own the book.

I paid for my purchase and immediately left the store on shaky legs. I couldn’t even wait to get home. I hurried to my car parked in the dusty little parking lot behind the bookstore, and I fell inside the driver’s seat, trembling all over. I’d never read anything like this before. With no control of myself, I slid my fingers under my dress and into my panties. I devoured the stories about taboo topics — the printing odd and almost indecipherable in places, the descriptions of the undergarments like something from a twisted lingerie catalog.

My car was parked beneath a magnolia tree. Late afternoon sunlight spilled through the purple-tinged white petals, heating their scent. I couldn’t catch my breath. I couldn’t stop myself. I leaned into the steering wheel, groaning as the climax took me.

That was my first.

I’d seen porn before, of course. Everyone had spied the stack of Playboys kept in the garage or in a toolshed — even mild-mannered housewives such as myself. But the models in those spreads were blonde and shiny and clean. Their bios were penned in darling handwriting as they confessed a love of strawberry ice cream and sunset walks on a white-sand beach. These stories were filled with secret longings, dark desires.

Birch rods, quim, flog, spirit, naughty, cocks.

I was supposed to buy Hamburger Helper at the grocery store, to have my husband’s ice-cold Bud on the Formica table when he came home from work. But I couldn’t make myself.

Wide-open cunt, lovely bottom hole.

I skipped the store.

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With my new indie book Filthy Housewives (Amazon), all sales go to the authors!

Above: Nude Jennifer Lawrence for Vanity Fair March 2015 (about).

  • Kevin Bollaert (the fucktard behind revenge porn site and, 28, was found guilty Monday of 27 counts, including identity theft and extortion, and faces up to 20 years in prison. The San Diego County Superior Court jury was unable to reach verdicts on two charges of identity theft and conspiracy.
    Revenge-Porn Website Owner Convicted, Faces Up To 20 Years (HuffPo)
  • iDollators link together through groups around the United States, Russia, Japan, Canada and Europe. They share ideas, visions, fears, and, above all, their love for life-sized, realistic silicone dolls, made by specialized companies for as much as $6,000 a piece. Some iDollators save up for years in order to acquire the perfect life-size companion.
    Guys and Plastic Dolls (Narratively)

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#TBT #breaktheinternet

A video posted by The Daily Show (@thedailyshow) on

Above: Stephen Colbert showing two other dudes how to bring sexy back.

  • Sounds like predecided propaganda to me… Maybe ‘documentary’ should be in quotes? “The film’s central mission is to highlight the impact working in porn has on the women who participate in it. Instead, [the documentary] “Hot Girls Wanted” offers unexamined statements and vague intimations about how doing porn harms women and watching it warps men.”
    The Netflix Porn Doc ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ Reinforces Tired Sexual Stereotypes (VICE)
  • “In the mid-1960s, Dad purchased several porn novels through the mail. (…) At the time, pornography was still a taboo business. Paperbacks were sold in the back rooms of adult theaters, on hidden racks at newsstands and at adult bookstores in cities.”
    My Dad, the Pornographer (NYT)

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Above: Madonna’s new corset-fabulous video “Living for Love

  • Apply critical thinking skills to the generalizations, dear readers. “Mating strategies are as varied as the creatures that make up the animal kingdom, but most fall into one of two broad categories: monogamous or polygamous.”
    Use Finger Length—Not Genetics—to Predict Promiscuity (PS Mag)

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  • “I directed four ultra-low budget features for Roger Corman, and I thought we worked fast and cheap, but once you start digging around behind the scenes, you realize no one — absolutely no one — works harder, faster or cheaper than porn crews.”
    How the Porn Industry Set the Stage for Micro-Budget Filmmaking (Indiewire)

  • Trojan is linking a new marketing effort to the “50 Shades of Grey” film, which debuts on Feb. 13, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The effort includes a 2-minute video on YouTube and a 15-second trailer.
    Trojan Pegs Video To ’50 Shades Of Grey’ (Mediapost)
  • A UK helpline for victims of revenge porn has been launched as part of a concerted push to tackle the growing problem of explicit photographs being shared online without the victim’s consent. Also, we just launched our new redesign at Without My Consent — go check it out!
    Revenge porn victims’ helpline launched in UK (Guardian UK)
  • Some BDSM practices, practitioners argue, can enhance the psychological well-being of their participants. And recent science has started to support these claims, suggesting that certain forms of BDSM may have anti-anxiety effects, as well as other mental health benefits. (Highly recommended: Dr. Morgana Maye’s Love Your Kink.)
    Can Bondage Play Reduce Anxiety? (NY Mag)
  • Brian Watson is a historian with a Masters of Arts focused on the history of pornography and obscenity, so he answers questions on sexuality, privacy and obscenity in the AskHistorians subreddit page as well.
    Reddit moderator has MA in history of porn (News AU)

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With my new indie book Filthy Housewives (Amazon), all sales go to the authors!

  • The adult content filters being rolled out by most UK internet providers under a scheme championed by David Cameron are blocking the websites of businesses and charities, as well as URLs with Sussex or Essex in them. Several of the blocked charities were offering support and services to young people escaping abuse or alcohol dependency.
    Internet filters block websites of sex abuse charities (Guardian UK)

  • CNN does polyamory, SF Bay Area style. Miju Han lives in the Bay Area, works as a product manager and shares a charming apartment with her fiancé. Here’s what makes her love story a bit different: She’s also in three other relationships.
    I have a fiancé, a girlfriend and two boyfriends (CNN Money)
  • While porn and sex toys are a no-no on Kickstarter, they’re just fine on Indiegogo along with a number of other crowdfunding sites. There is even a pair of porn-only crowdfunding sites. And, just as with other industries, people are putting down a lot of money.
    How the smart (small) money is betting on porn (CNBC)

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  • This article is porn negative, and FYI the genre performers are called pro-am, as in, professional amateurs, but the doc might be interesting. The world of pro-am is examined in a new documentary by Jill Bauer and Ronna Gradus, “Hot Girls Wanted,” which premiered Saturday at the Sundance Film Festival.
    Sundance Doc ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ Explores Amateur Porn (AP/ABC News)

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  • Fun post. Karley Slutever tells us, “from personal experience, I can say that some [dungeons] are very elegant and ornate, while others are far trashier, and tend to be located in unassuming office buildings in gross areas of midtown, on a floor just above, like, a pottery class, and just below an insurance company. Random.”
    The World’s Sexiest Dungeons (Slutever)
  • Put your critical thinking caps on when parsing the latest NYT article about Google searches and what they say about sex — and for the articles starting to repeat it without question. For instance, are these all straight men and women? Does it account for condom availability programs at schools and health clinics nationwide? Where is his Google search data coming from? (The author’s last article was based on his conclusions from “surveys, social networks, pornographic searches and dating sites.”)
    Searching for Sex (NYT)

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  • Nevada health officials said Friday that they’re considering strict brothel-style regulations for a booming adult film industry following the announcement last month that two male performers tested positive for HIV following a video shoot in the state.
    Nevada considering strict condom regulation for porn films (Boston Herald)

  • If you’ve grown tired of your six-speed vibrator, then the customizable Mod Indiegogo vibrator may be just right for you. The Mod, which stands for Multivibrating Open-source Dildo, is the “flagship” product of Atlanta-based Comingle’s open source sex toy platform. Basically, it’s a vibrator that can be programmed with endless vibration patterns you, or someone else in the community, code. But for hardcore DIY sex toy enthusiasts, the Mod also can be used to do so much more.
    The Mod Indiegogo: Open Source Sex Toy Platform Lets You Customize Own Vibrator (iDigitalTimes)

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With my new indie book Filthy Housewives (Amazon), all sales go to the authors!

  • Customers of one of the U.K.’s largest ISPs, Sky, will find themselves automatically blocked from online porn. The new adult content filter will be installed over the next few days to all its 5.3 million customers, as a part of Prime Minister David Cameron’s initiative.
    Sky Is Blocking Adult Websites by Default in the U.K. (XBIZ)
  • Today’s big porn stars aren’t just performers. They’re also directors, sex educators and lecturers. They oversee huge social media empires on Twitter, Instagram and their own websites. And they license their names to adult novelty companies in return for a portion of the sales of their branded sex toys.
    Porn stars’ best business advice: Diversify (CBNC)

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  • JoEllen Notte writes, “In addition to the stories about the lovely lady behind Orgasm Quest, other folks have been inspired to come forward and speak about sex and depression as well (seriously, how awesome is this!). In light of the fact that this subject matter can be sensitive and so many new folks are coming at [writing about] it (…) it’s a whole other animal from what many of us are used to.”
    5 Tips For Writing About Sex & Depression (Redhead Bedhead)
  • The corset has a bad reputation. And unfairly so, according to Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, who says this undergarment of centuries past is not nearly as evil or confining as modern folks have come to believe.
    Everything You Know About Corsets Is False (Collector’s Weekly)
  • Gizmodod scoured Google’s patent database to find the most absurd — and often wildly dangerous — sex-based patent designs filed by some of history’s most misguided engineers.
    10 Bizarre and Horrifying Sex Patents (Gizmodo)

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  • ELLE just discovered indie female camgirls. “On any given morning, 6,000 people from around the turn on their computers to watch Vex Ashley, a 25-year-old cam girl and an independent pornographer from Leeds, take her clothes off.”
    The 25-Year-Old Cam Girl Changing Porn (ELLE)
  • Jiz Lee writes, “There’s a lot of talk about whether or not porn is ethical, but there’s not much discussion about the fact that most people are watching porn illegally. Forget “ethical porn” – let’s talk ethical porn consumption.”
    “Ethical Porn” Starts When We Pay for It (Medium)

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  • Chaturbate is a live webcam site that launched in 2011. It distinguishes itself from the many other live webcam sites by its democratic approach. It is free to watch – really free, as in no logging in or setting up passwords — and open to everyone of legal age.
    Are You “Internet Sexual”? (Medium)
  • Instead of implementing such proven policies, Bill C-36 has — as Justice Minister Peter MacKay, who sponsored the legislation, told the Senate Committee in September — effectively made prostitution “illegal for the first time in Canada.”
    Canada’s Flawed Sex Trade Law (NYT)

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Sex News: Sharknado does 50 Shades, Anita Ekberg, GitHub targeted by Big Porn, sex biohackers

12 January 2015
Check out my new indie books, Filthy Housewives and December's Holiday Kink (Amazon) Asylum, the company best-known for combining sharks and tornados in the cult film Sharknado, has turned its eye on the lucrative field of BDSM with a ‘mockbuster’ based on the EL James adaptation, Fifty Shades of Grey. […]
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Sexy makeup: Donna Trope for Under The Influence

12 January 2015
This makeup fashion shoot is really hot, and I like the makeup too. The models are Samantha Gradoville and Holly Rose, shot by Donna Trope for Under The Influence (Magazine).
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Sex News: Hulk fisting Loki, Margaret Cho, Molly Crabapple, prostibots, the man with two penises

7 January 2015
Check out my new indie books, Filthy Housewives (Amazon) and Holiday Kink (Amazon) Bisexuality was one of the topics on the table as Margaret Cho Monday led a discussion via a medium seemingly custom-made for her no-holds-barred honesty and wit: Twitter. #SexTalkTuesday, a series produced by the female-oriented adult film site […]
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Sex News: Taylor Swift’s armpits, Steven Seagal, #OpDeathEaters, Leelah Alcorn, Saudi Arabia hijacks Twitter accounts

5 January 2015
Image above via 'Body of Evidence' Catherine McNeil by Txeme Yeste for Vogue Russia January 2015 This is one of my favorite posts of the year, every year. Don't miss Ms. Naughty's superlative Porn For Women Retrospective 2014! Porn For Women Retrospective 2014 (Ms. Naughty) The New Yorker dipped its toes into one […]
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Sex News: UK’s filter flop, dangerous insertions, sexual narcissists, randy single Jews

28 December 2014
Check out my new indie books, Filthy Housewives (Amazon) and Holiday Kink (Amazon) The 51st edition of Pirelli's infamous calendar, 2015, was shot by Steven Meisel (he shot Madonna's book "Sex" back when dinosaurs roamed the earth). The 2015 Pirelli Calendar features its first-ever plus-size model Candice Huffine alongside Adriana Lima […]
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Sex News: Hung for the Holidays, trans fairy doll, Harvard Law on BDSM contracts

25 December 2014
Check out my new indie books, Filthy Housewives (Amazon) and Holiday Kink (Amazon) Get Hung for the Holidays. Highlights include "Oh, Poly Night," the bitterly hilarious "12 Fights of Christmas," and lyrics like "This holiday's nothing but wholesome / so why you gotta turn it into Folsom?" The wonderful, local, sex-positive […]
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Sex News: A&E sex worker exploitation, UK antiporn browser hijacking, ’50 Shades’ actor squicked by BDSM

20 December 2014
From myself and all the authors: this is our holiday present to you this weekend only: My newest books are $0.99: Filthy Housewives and Holiday Kink! Above: Victoria’s Secret Holiday 2014: What Angels Want, directed by Michael Bay. (YouTube) The actor playing Christian Grey in the '50 Shades' movie revealed to Elle […]
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Sex News: Naomi Campbell for AP, Twitter and sex workers, Nick Clegg, ‘Don’t Jerk and Drive’

16 December 2014
Agent Provocateur has taken a refreshingly strong turn for its Spring campaign, tapping Ellen von Unwerth and featuring Naomi Campbell. Agent Provocateur Taps Ellen von Unwerth and Naomi Campbell (Women's Wear Daily) With the snowy holiday season, it’s a perfect time to warn motorists not drive in a jerky manner in the […]
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Sex News: Pregnant trans study, gay in Iran, Tinder’s anti-sexwork fakes

10 November 2014
Support indies! Pre-order my next book Filthy Housewives ($3.89); profits are split with all authors! Yay! Ms Naughty made a short documentary about the 2014 Berlin Porn Film Festival, the 9th edition. This film gives a brief overview of this year's famous porn film festival, with snippets of some of the […]
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How to get a free copy of my next book, Filthy Housewives

8 November 2014
My next erotica collection Filthy Housewives ($3.89) is an anthology of seven written-to-order stories, and all profits are split with the authors; we all put tons of love into it, and I’m thrilled with every inch of it. Amazon made the book available for pre-order yesterday -- it's a 100% […]
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Sex News: Filthy Housewives, privacy for dancers, porn stars versus Google, Eva Green for Campari, Keira Knightley

7 November 2014
Support indies: My next erotica collection Filthy Housewives ($3.89) is an anthology of seven written-to-order stories, and all profits are split with the authors. Pre-order sales went live today, we all put tons of love into it, and I'm thrilled with every inch of it. Filthy Housewives (Amazon) This writer can't seem […]
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Nicole Kidman’s rough sex fashion photo editorial

28 September 2014
Thought this might be of interest, in case you missed it: Nicole Kidman was photographed by Steven Klein for Interview magazine, in a very intense and erotically supercharged fashion editorial that is all about rough sex and consent edgeplay. Afterward, Kidman commented about her experience during the photo session in […]
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Sex News: Naked tasering, THC lube, Sexbot the book, metrosexuality redux

28 August 2014
CIA sexbots, you say? Patrick Quinlan (PQ), who recently released his new ebook Sexbot ($2.99), spoke to Future of Sex about his work and how close his tale is to becoming real. ‘Sexbot’ Author Patrick Quinlan on CIA Sexbots, Mind Downloads and Immortality (Future of Sex) Massive trigger warning for sexual abuse […]
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Sex News: George Takei’s saucy doc, NYC condom law dead, necrophilia crime

19 August 2014
Love this man so much. The actor George Takei, who plays himself in a new documentary, on the coming-out process, "Star Trek" and feuding with Shatner. A documentary, “To Be Takei,” opens in select cities and on VOD and iTunes Aug. 22. The film is a low-key depiction of Takei’s […]
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