Fashion is pretty cool

Sometimes I find myself trolling for porn on fashion blogs more often than places that intentionally feature pornography. I know that for some, there is no difference. We in the pursuit of well dressed but half naked models salute you.

Click on images to see the full spreads. The one linked to below is actually my favorite.

This post is actually a flimsy excuse to share my late night oglings with you and also to run a test. A while back, dotBen gave me a present and it’s ready to roll for SXSW this coming week: a shiny black top of the line Asus netbook for my purse. I wanted to give it a test run for my blogging process; it’s gorgeous, has a big screen and a camera, everything on it is free open source software (and legal!), and it’s running ubuntu. It’s a sweet machine, and makes me outrageously mobile. This is going to be fun like a whole passel of well dressed half naked models in my purse fun …

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