Sex News: X-Art smacked in court, Martin Shkreli’s porn PR guy, the culture of Silicon Valley VC sex abuse


  • Seriously, Malibu (X-Art) are scumbags, and this is great news. “Malibu Media — online porn producer and copyright troll — has filed more copyright lawsuits than most of the other trolls combined, most of them against anonymous “Doe” defendants whose identities are currently nothing but IP addresses for their Internet service. Malibu and others have tried to use geolocation tools to more precisely identify these alleged porn pirates, but two judges recently told Malibu that this simply isn’t good enough.”
    Judges Tell Porn Copyright Troll That Geolocation Tools Aren’t Enough To Pinpoint Pirates (Consumerist)
  • No one’s fact checking this item; BaDoink VR was first announced in August 2015, and I don’t believe they’re the first (the first was probably VirtualRealPorn or VirtualPorn360). “Pornhub … has launched a free virtual reality channel — a first in the porn industry. BaDoinkVR CEO Todd Glider says these trailers link to, encouraging Pornhub users to subscribe to BaDoinkVR and then watch every unedited video in its growing library of 360-degree experiences.”
    Pornhub Adds Free Virtual Reality Section for Oculus, Google Cardboard (Fortune, sound/video alert)
  • “A couple days after Martin Shkreli was arrested, he received a simple direct message over Twitter from a 29-year-old Los Angeles resident named Mike Kulich: “I want to represent you.” Kulich had been working in porn marketing and also ran an adult entertainment business. For years he’d been dreaming up publicity stunts—such as offering Amanda Knox a large sum to appear in an adult film — and then enticing the likes of Gawker or TMZ to treat that stunt offer like news.”
    Meet the Former Porn Marketer Who Did Crisis PR for Martin Shkreli (Slate)

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  • “A man with a bionic penis after a childhood accident has lost his virginity with sex worker and sexual freedom activist, Charlotte Rose. She got in touch with him after reading about his story and he then asked her to be part of his very first experience of intercourse.”
    Man with bionic penis, 44, finally loses virginity to sex worker (Metro UK)
  • A recent lawsuit claiming prominent venture capitalist Michael Goguen sexually and physically abused a woman for 13 years isn’t a shocker to many women who have worked in and among Silicon Valley venture capital firms. Amber Laurel Baptiste filed a breach of contract lawsuit in San Mateo County on March 8 that accused Goguen of entering a physical relationship with her while she was victim of human trafficking, and continuing to “sexually, physically and emotionally” abuse her for the next 13 years.
    Sequoia partner’s sex scandal stirs talk of how VCs treat women (SF Chronicle)
  • This was an unbelievably large survey, so cool. “A US survey published in The Journal of Sex Research and involving 24,000 men and women who were quizzed between 1975 and 2010 has shown no link between pornography use and nonegalitarianism. In fact, male and female users of pornography were significantly more willing to endorse women in positions of power, working outside the home, and as having the right to make their own decisions over abortion.”
    Pornography use correlates with pro-feminist attitudes, according to US survey (BPS Research Digest)
  • Grab your smelling salts, NYT just noticed that fetish, BDSM harnesses, and latex have become mainstream fashion staples, calling it “raunch wear.” Where have they been, exactly? They report, “… This has been a year, after all, in which sex-shop chic infiltrated the runways, asserting its status as a kind of kinky perma trend, one that, like nautical stripes or safari suits, has woven itself inextricably into the fabric of fashion. … Over the years sex-shop chic has made regular incursions into conventional wardrobes, in the form of catsuits, rump-clutching lace and leather trousers and stiletto-heel, thigh-high boots.”
    Raiding the Sex Shop for the Latest Fashion (NYT)

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  • “I have to say, with a title like Assventure Time, this porn parody was ripe for the making. All your favorite Cartoon Network characters are involved, including Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, a janky-looking Marceline, Princess Bubblegum and even a cameo from the Ice King, only their names are changed for this naughty version of the original cartoon.”
    Watch The Trailer For Adventure Time’s Wild New Porn Parody (CinemaBlend)
  • This looks weird and interesting. “PicoBong has launched an Indiegogo campaign to develop Remoji, “the most fun, colorful interactive sex toy app the world has ever seen,” for a new range of products set to be released in May. An eponymously named little yellow guy personifies the app, and he takes on different characters to match the six music genre-inspired vibration patterns that the app offers.”
    PicoBong Crowd-Funding to Develop Remoji Interactive App (XBIZ)

Main post image: Lorelle Rayner, Lui Magazine, in this NSFW gallery on Portraits of Girls.

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