King of Bitcoin: Bodice-ripping, raunch and revenge

Buy King of Bitcoin for the cover alone. Or buy it because Kayleen Knight is an indie smut author with many cougar-themed dirty novels under her belt, and the world always needs more of these.

Buy it because it exists, and it is glorious.

Buy it so you can put the cover on your Kindle Fire in full color, scream like a girl and throw your panties at the screen like the King of Bitcoin is the new Beatles.

I will. Because the real King of Bitcoin will wear tighty-whities and have an attendant harem of buxom babes (who are probably assassins and so much more butch then him). This is the future.


(…) He straightened his shirt, which was already pressed neatly. “No, Bradley, bitcoins. As I was saying, bitcoins are a cryptocurrency, the most popular of many, and they allow users to send and receive payments over a decentralized encrypted network. They are the future of currency as we know it, so it would in fact behoove you to listen.”

Brad stretched back further in his chair, sneering at the tall, thin, impossibly serious, Atlas. Instead it was Brad’s cheerleader girlfriend Kayleigh who spoke. She sat at the front of the class, and Atlas had to concentrate not to be distracted by her long creamy legs clearly visible to him under the desk. (…)


19-year old Atlas Fawkes is a bitcoin true believer. It’s 2019, and he’s been eulogizing the new anonymous online currency for five long years, using all his spare cash to ‘mine’ for bitcoins. But why won’t people listen to him? The fools!

When an extraordinary turn of events proves Atlas right, and bitcoin becomes the only way to trade, he suddenly finds himself holding the keys to the kingdom. What will he do with his new-found wealth? How will he repay those who mocked him so relentlessly?

Warning: King of Bitcoin contains many adult themes, very strong language, and scenes of an explicit graphic sexual nature. Lots of silly things happen, and you should not attempt to use this book as a get-rich-quick manual.

It’s $3.99; you get 30 pages of satire/self-help: Here’s King of Bitcoin for Kindle; King of Bitcoin at Bitmit (25% off for Bitcoin purchases). Found via this tweet (thank you!)

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