Bound for Disappointment, or BFD: A parody novel by Sheri Savill

Bound for Disappointment by Sheri Savill

Parody novel Bound for Disappointment by Sheri Savill unleashed its scathing BDSM insider-baseball satire upon the literary world July 10, but this thing’s painfully, hilariously timeless. Savill’s brilliant short novel manages to lampoon whingey female submissives, cloying sex culture personalities, a variety of cringeworthy male dominant stereotypes, tepid BDSM, and the public’s annoying hunger for awful BDSM books, all in one fell swoop. And I want more! The book’s Amazon description does it justice:

Enter the glamorous world of BDSM erotica author and real-life submissive Tara Febreze … lisping sales girls, sabotage by a rival author named Vageena Royale … one Dom with a combover and a moped, another who writes books about his genitalia, and still another who can’t seem to get the hang of the whole “spanking” thing …

Tara Febreze is the bestselling author of Thoughtless Submission and other hot BDSM erotica novels. She’s seeking the Dom of her dreams, one who can make her … clenchy, as she calls it … all while dealing with irate readers who expect the moon and stars for ninety-nine cents, hostile ranting reviewers who follow her to conventions, protestors chanting her name outside a sex shop (…)

Publisher’s Note: This is a parody about BDSM and erotica-writing, and is intended for adults only. It contains some offensive language, BDSM themes, truly mild spanking, and a Dom with bad dandruff. The book Thoughtless Submission does not exist, nor do the other books mentioned in this work.

You will laugh, you will cry… you will not regret the best $2.99 (or £2.07) you’ve spent all weekend. All I want to say to Savill right now is, “Please, may we have another?” Right now it’s only available on Kindle.

Read a fabulous interview with Sheri Savill about Bound for Disappointment at Behind The Chintz Curtain. Fellow erotica and sex authors: read her commentary, and let’s weep together. In the interview, Savill shines – here’s an excerpt:

Jane: Would you ever recommend looking for a Dom in the frozen foods aisle?

Sheri: Yes, by all means. Look for the black flip flops and other tell tale signs of Domliness. Really, I think Doms are hard to find these days. It’s all submissives now. They’re being hatched somewhere. Someone needs to spray, or set out bait traps. The big ones. Where HAVE all the Doms gone? Who has them? Is there a ransom note? How much do the kidnappers want? Can we raise the money, Jane!? Online petition? Why isn’t there a rent-a-Dom service? Why? I don’t want to buy one because they lose more than half their value the minute you get them off the showroom floor. My head swirls with questions like this pretty much all the time. You know how they say a creative mind is like a computer monitor with 2,853 windows all open in separate tabs, all at the same time? My mind is exactly like that, only there’s a 404 on every page.

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  • Oh Violet, thank you again, so much, for the review! Glad you liked the silliness — or IS it? — of it all. And don’t worry, I’ll make more. Oh yes, they try to stop me, there’s IS a petition, but I KNOW MY RIGHTS.

  • Just bought it. Thanks for the review. I’m looking forward to washing the taste of 50 Shades out of my mouth.