A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex

Adorable, and must be featured here for all Victoriana fetishists: A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex is a project in the making by Combustion Books that is currently looking for Kickstarter support. For some, the halcyon days of steampunk may be long gone, but this idea has enough whimsey and potential usefulness that I think I will most certainly need a copy for my library. It’s from the people who made A Steampunk’s Guide to the Apocalypse – and the next one will be about crime (which I don’t think can be made fast enough, as everyone loves a bespoke criminal).

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  • Dear Ms Violet,
    All Svutlana can say be: Why Steampunk guide for sex come after Steampunk guide for apocalypse? For sure lot of rapture peoples be upset because they think sex be prequel for apocalypse.
    Thank you too much for your blog that be revelation for me,