[Video] ‘What Makes A Baby’ is an Outstanding Project

What Makes A Baby is Not Just Another Kickstarter – by a longshot. First of all, I rarely see Kickstarter projects that take off with such an overwhelming buy-in of support. To say that it’s popular is an understatement! The project hit $14,000 in the first day and the financial support is not dying down: it has more than doubled in just a few days. For $10 you’ll get a free digital version of the book and for $25 you’ll get a real-life paper version of the book when it comes out.

What Makes A Baby is a planned book project by sex educator, colleague and friend Cory Silverberg. It’s to be a modern children’s picture book about, well, where babies come from. Cory explained in an email,

For years I’ve dreamed about crafting a series of books for kids and parents that would be equal parts friendly, inclusive sex education and beautiful book. Then, my friend’s four-year-old son needed a book that would include his family’s story. Nothing did. So I seized the moment and wrote something that works for every kind of family and every kind of kid, regardless of embodied identities, gender, orientation, family make up, or how kids were brought into the world and into their families.

It’s not easy, but I believe that it’s possible to acknowledge our differences while also reminding ourselves that as humans, there are experiences we all share.

Check out the love on the What Makes A Baby Kickstarter page – and donate if you want to see it turn into a series of books, which is what we’re hoping for.

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  1. Being someone who had to think hard about whether I could afford to spend £1 on lemons today, I can’t give any money! Which makes me incredibly sad. However, THANK YOU SO MUCH for promoting this, Violet. I’m going to write a promotional piece on it as well. What an incredible, wonderful project. I hope it happens, and if it does I will SOMEHOW find a way to get my hands on it.

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