Digital privacy for sex workers: The Eros Guide provider series

While my new book The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy has been collecting more great reviews (yay!) I’ve been expanding the scope of the book’s information to include the specific needs of one high-risk segment of the population: sex workers.

With the information in Smart Girl’s Guide, I worked with Eros Guide — the largest network of sex worker ads and listings — to develop a series just on its blog The Informed Provider. The three pieces we created are:

I’d like to tackle more questions and concerns sex workers face about online privacy and security. This sector of privacy and digital security needs is a bleeding-edge area of extreme and constant attacks: sex work encompasses one of the most targeted populations in the world. It’s a population with a primary concern of keeping identities separate — public profiles vs. personal online life — at potentially grave physical risk.

I think that the information in the Eros Guide series is not only great for considerations by anyone whose professional life requires a public presence, but also helps us see which companies and services we shouldn’t rely on when we’re serious about keeping private things private.

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