Eye Candy: The Girlfriend Experience

My favorite new galleries from my favorite sites this week, which I guarantee are 10,000 times more exciting than Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience. I’m watching it for free on Amazon Prime right now (I have the flu, fever for two days running) and I think they should have called it The Ex-Girlfriend Experience. Ugh! As an aside, it just sparked a conversation with a friend as to why I don’t personally find Sasha Grey to be “my type” but a model I’ve followed for years – Jenya D from Met Art – turns pretty much every crank in my gearbox. I’m sorry Sasha! Argh, fever.

Lovely ladies:

joymii.comA lot of you really like the more romantic boy-girl scenes I’ve been posting, so I think you’ll really like these three:

Harder? My favorite French studio’s newest scenes don’t disappoint:

Aaaand, for those of you that say, screw the roses, send me the thorns, here are a few new extra-hard Kink galleries:

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  • http://sexpornstarsfree.com/2011/05/this-generations-favourite-porn-star/

    She IS well loved…but needs to practice her acting skills. Hope you don’t mind I linked back to that site, it just has an article about Sasha Grey on it that i thought was fitting.

  • Taffy Topham

    I love Sasha Grey. However the film sucked balls. pun intended.

  • I’m quite a fan of Sasha Grey – but oh holy God was that film dull. Urgh indeed. I put it back up for sale on amazon the day after I bought it.

    About to click those links…