How to Be A Good Sexual Citizen of the World [Midori]

This stellar article from my dear friend Midori is right in line with the aesthetic I see increasingly expressed by the hundreds of thousands of people who visit this blog regularly. It’s what I call a “Whole Foods attitude” we’re all cultivating about porn, sex toys, and figuring out good ways we can live our lives as sexual citizens of the world. I love it! Here’s a snip:

(…) Below you’ll find some ideas on how to commit random acts of sex-positive agitation. They are small actions and subtle agitations. No life changes required. Some may push your own comfort levels and challenge your preconceived ideas and habits, but that’s part of growing as good citizen. Composting wasn’t the easiest thing initially for many of us either. Regardless of how stealthy or not, the actions should be made with wit and cheekiness. Accompanying any of these ideas with humor, levity and a mischievous grin can bring great success. Big thanks to my readers who provided some of these ideas. If you have ideas to add, please post them here!

Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy and You:

If you find yourself staying at a hotel that supplies a bible in each room, tuck a packet or two of condoms in it when you check out. Flavored condoms just might get people thinking about what sort of sexual activities could be made better with little extra tastiness.

Got teenage kids? Stash the bathroom drawer with condoms, dental dams, gloves and a good safer-sex info booklet. Let them know it’s there. Make sure to check and resupply as needed.

Offer condoms to homeless youths. Small paper bags make the transaction smooth. This is a high-risk group that has a chance for turning it around with a little help with risk reduction. If you’re not keen on the idea of giving “handouts” of money to the homeless, why not give condoms? It’s even better if you include cards from the local youth shelter or free STI testing clinics. (…read more,

Photo by Nikola Tamindzic.

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