Run, Alejandro, Run: San Francisco Pride Guide 2010

I’ve been writing sexy, San Francisco weekend Pride guides for five years now, and I’m glad to be of service! I know The City (I’m a native), understand the venues and dynamics, am tapped into the LGBTQ and sex scenes, I know where to get cheap sex toys and 24-hour safer sex supplies, advice on clothing and eating and getting around, and I love showing off our beautiful city and our Pride to everyone. The past several years I wrote my guide for the San Francisco Chronicle, but this year I wrote my San Francisco Pride Guide for the SF Appeal, which gave me a lot more freedom. I hope you like it. My top pick, a la Tiny Nibbles? Post-parade: Courtney Trouble‘s Queerly Beloved Pink Sunday Party at El Rio. From 3-8 PM, queer porn icon Courtney Trouble throws THE queer after party, and “The Smartest Ass in [Queer] Porn” Tina Horn hosts a sexed-up party that is actually a benefit for (admission is a paltry $5). The entertainment includes DJs, dancers, kissing and kink booths (yikes!), and a bunch of horny, happy queers.

Here’s a snip — I cherry-picked places to visit to find cool stuff not on other SF or Pride guides, and my top events for Black Friday, Pink Saturday and Rainbow Sunday:

I’ll just disclose up front that I am not a fan of this year’s Pride theme. I’ve said this before. “40 and Fabulous!” Really? I mean, I know that it’s SF Pride’s 40th year and that is a very seriously cool thing worth partying in the streets and between the sheets for. But ,honestly, we sound embarrassed about our age. This is no surprise in the notoriously vicious “cult of youth” atmosphere that I often hear about in the gay male scene, but I really don’t think we all need that fart on the whole shortbus, if you know what I mean.

So I’m renaming SF Pride’s theme, even if it’s just for myself. Seriously — we’re proud of our decades, we’re all still here (even if not in body), and marriage: it’s on. Haters must bow down, because 40 years means we’ve got several out generations of love and fight in us. We’re just getting warmed up. I like the Trans March’s theme better, so I’ll go with that: “United by Pride, United by Power.” It’s much better than my other pick, which is “In Your Face, Utah.”

Also, we want our Harvey Milk stamps, dammit. (…read more,

Oh, and tech people who live in SF and somehow ignore Pride weekend because you think that because you’re straight it doesn’t apply to you, or there’s nothing for you in it, or it won’t get you laid (SPOILER ALERT: straight people get hella laid during Pride), or you’re worried that your fratty tech pals might think you’re gay for celebrating our national holiday? Go suck it. You are surrounded by homos in your industry and you don’t even know it. See you at SXSW!

Photo by bkusler.

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