Hilarious, explicit: FUK!T’s retro sex-ed, HIV awareness video

“Brent’s Oral Exam” has to be the best and the cutest (and damn sexiest) condom-awareness video I’ve ever seen; it’s from Washington DC-based organization FUK!T (fc-kits.org). It features porn stars Brent Corrigan and Matthew Rush in an explicit sendup of 1950s educational films, you know like the ones where little BIlly would ask where babies came from and they would tell him to stop, drop and roll. The video is campy-cute, but packed with real information about putting on a condom, complete with demonstration. I found this originally on The Sexist, but hunted down the embeddable uncensored version (above) because otherwise, what’s the point? I’d love to see a lot more sex-ed videos like this aimed at all orientations. FUK!T also has a page packed with (explicit) sexy man-candy safer sex pics and videos. Nice.

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