New podcast: Open Source Sex #74

This week, big news: my new book Sweet Love: Erotic Fantasies for Couples won the Gold for Best Erotica Collection 2010 from the Independent Publisher Book Awards — it’s a big deal! Congrats to all the authors whose incredible work made this collection recognized as one of the top erotica books of our time. I’m delighted to share the Gold placement in a tie with Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s sizzling Do Not Disturb anthology. It’s unusual to share the top honors in this category and I can’t think of *anyone* I’d rather share it with. This award comes right as I’m editing Best Women’s Erotica 2011, and I can’t be happier to know my hard work is being recognized, validated, and most of all, enjoyed. I also really love seeing these authors soar. I’m lucky to be able to work with such talented professionals. The book includes legendary erotica heavy-hitters such as Thomas Roche, Janine Ashbless, D.L. King, N.T. Morley (more of him here), Andrea Dayle, Kay Jaybee, Kristina Wright, Teresa Noelle Roberts, Alison Tyler, Allison Wonderland, Vanessa Vaughn and many more.

To celebrate, Thomas Roche let me read his story from Sweet Love in my podcast Open Source Sex. His story “Clearing the Air” is about a young wife who is confronted about her own jealousies when her husband’s ex-girlfriend (a sexy libertine from San Francisco) is a houseguest, while the couple is working through their own issues around trying to discuss non-monogamy and/or polyamory. It’s a very real-feeling story — with a twist that delivers lot of explicit sex.

In the podcast I tell you something personal about this book: if you listen to the podcast and you think you know the answer, email me at violet @ tinynibbles dot com and you’ll find out something really naughty (and true, and kind of glamorous, and insanely erotic) that happened in real life at this time last year when I was putting the book together. I’ll email you back, and if you’re correct, you’ll get a surprise. Because I really do live the life you think I should; I just don’t always upload it. This is one for the memoirs.

* Podcast post: Open Source Sex #74 (with MP3 download link)
* Listen now, click for pop-up audio player: Clearing the Air by Thomas Roche from Sweet Love: Erotic Fantasies for Couples
* See also: the book trailer for Sweet Love: Erotic Fantasies for Couples
* Get one! Buy Sweet Love on Amazon, Amazon UK, Sweet Love on Amazon Kindle, or direct form Cleis Press.

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  1. Oh. My. God. Violet Blue just included me in a list of “legendary erotica heavy-hitters.”

    I think I’m going to have to lie down now. Violet, you’ve made my century!

    (My pen name is Andrea Dale, not Andrea Dayle, but that’s truly a minor thing. I am over the moon. I feel like Wayne and Garth in front of Alice Cooper, I really do.)

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