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I finally finished updating the right sidebar here, and if you’re interested, there’s a little tour and some handpicked porn after the jump…

At top right are two advertisers: many people ask to buy ad space here, but I only accept advertising from companies I want to partner my brand with. I am very specific about how the ads can look — never any flashing or moving graphics, never anything suggesting sexual shame, no banal sexual stereotyping, no insults. (Email for rates: violet at tinynibbles dot com) The same standards go for my sponsors — I know the faces behind the businesses. This is very important to me. I’m very sensitive about where my links send you. I carefully vet all sites I link to for no trickery, viruses, duplicity in business practices, and I make sure the billing companies are trusted and known in case you buy anything.

Besides Amazon, there are 20 companies I link to in the right-hand sidebar. And exactly half are run, owned, operated, and directed by women. We women are porn consumers in our own right, so much to the point that we now hold up half the porn sky. This also means that women are starting to rule the porn space when it comes to quality, consumer appeal, and ethics. Men are *absolutely* buying porn made by women: this is a fact. I curate the sidebar links for content, traffic, balance, hotness and popularity. I built my own affiliate tracker with which I compare — well, everything (including reputation and behavior). After examining my data and making the usual changes, I surveyed the companies in the sidebar, and I was proud.

All of the links, except for Laughing Squid, are run through my own sex-positive link shortening service I do this so that I have control over seeing and assessing the data of outgoing clicks; this way I know exactly how much traffic I send each site. The only issue I’ve seen with this is that recently a reader had his MacAfee virus scanner freak out from’s redirect; the landing sites are clean and reliable, so it made us concerned about MacAfee and redirects in general.

So what’s new?

I’ve enjoyed Brandi Belle from afar for years; I remember discovering her site when I edited (and sometimes ran) Fleshbot a million years ago. She runs, directs and stars in her site’s world; I always enjoyed that it was her playground. I think it’s the best CFNM site around. I’m pleased to finally add Brandi to the lineup. Definitely check out her “about me” page — it’s a way different attitude than other women in porn, and I think it’s nice to see a site that features more women of color than usual. It’s explicit, very fun, extremely creative and high-quality; the only catch is that the video files are .wmv so us Mac users either need to go retro with Flip4Mac or do what I do and copy the video’s URL into VLC. Updates are weekly, but she pretty much abandoned her blog. Here are a few samples:

* Brandi shared a hot gloryhole scene with a friend: gallery, videos.
* In this scenario, a female viewer sneakily films herself with her boyfriend and shares the results (gallery, videos).

The next exciting addition is pal Chanta Rose‘s BDSM empire Twisted Factory: very hardcore, also pleasantly different. They’re always doing something new on her three websites — it’s a refreshing change from Kink. TF is woman-run and directed, has a nice combination of new faces and some of my favorite performers (like Lorelei Lee), with outrageous gear and predicaments. The sites are really well designed and layout is excellent — it’s easy to find what you’re looking for. Some reviewers have found the language abrasive, yet the kinklust here is deeply authentic (as are the female orgasms), and no one is demeaned unless it’s part of the fantasy they signed up for. The pre-scene interviews are fantastic. Personally, I found the performers here generally cuter than on average at the other BDSM empire, but that’s just my opinion. Her sites also indulge certain fetishes that the other disallows, such as dacryphilia. It’s also priced better. The sites she runs include Fucked and Bound (where unlike most BDSM sites, there is sex in every scene), Chanta’s Bitches and Captive Male. Here are a few samples:

* An intense anal submission scene with local Sasha Lexing.
* Videos of tough, sexy, *gorgeous* and busty Mason Moore bottoming beautifully.
* Here’s pretty Adrianna Nicole submitting to Chanta Rose.
* Lorelei Lee can be a stunning dominatrix; here is video of Lee topping Delilah Knight.
* The guys are hot, too; and if you don’t like the word “bitches” see what happens when a cute boy calls Mz. Berlin a “bitch.” Yow.
* I’ve always wanted to see little Lexi Belle take control of a cute guy with her strap-on.

I also added an Amazon widget of my favorite things, which I’ve been changing weekly. This is a response to demand for me to feature products that are healthy, satisfying, and what I personally recommend. I do not accept endorsements for this.

I’m working on a number of new surprises; I need to address the need for anonymous sex advice, and advice for the best sex products. It’s going to take a bit of work, but I think I have tech-oriented solutions that will innovate.

Thanks for being here with me.

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  1. Bravo Dez!

    Isn’t it funny how shy(?) we are about talking out loud about sexuality, even in response and in such a great sex-positive environment as Violet’s wonderful site?

    Well, even though I don’t often comment here, thank you again, Violet, for educating and also allowing me, for one, to articulate more on sexual topics that really matter to me – you make such a positive difference – thank you for all that you share and long live your site and all your works _^^_

  2. While Dez’s request seems super, I thought you meant more of an anonymous way to ask for sexual advice? Or do you kind of already do that when people e-mail you (I recall you saying on twitter one time that you were “finishing the day by reassuring a young girl that her body does not have to look like the ones in porn”)?

    In either case, you have a WONDERFUL thing going here. I’ve said it before, but you’ve been a major part of my sexual awareness since I started reading your site at 18, and now that I am moving into the ‘real world’, your commitment to work you love and believe in is a huge inspiration to me. Thank you.

  3. Just wanted to say I love your links! You always have some of the best, most tantalizing, most real info when it comes to sex and pr0n, and plenty of diversity in taste so there’s always something for everyone. (Well, everyone who has any sex drive whatsoever, haha!)

    I think some anonymous sex advice would be great to see on your blog, it’s something I fantasize about often but it’s just a bit awkward for me to approach a stranger and ask for sex. (I’m kind of a “friends with benefits” guy.) And since I’m tech-savvy, if there is a tech-oriented solution that would work without making the everyday Joe Schmoe who’s looking for sex appear to be too creepy, while maintaining a high margin of safety, I just want to say that I’m all for it.

    Your efforts aren’t going unappreciated, VB. Love, sex, freedom for all, woot woot~! :D

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