Sex education in media: My January class

In January, I taught a class on sex ed and online media, including brand presentation, social media hacks for individuals and organizations, and working toward viral content. It was one of my best talks. The first of SFSI‘s public continuing education classes (aimed at sex educators), it was standing room only and sold out — they sadly had to turn people away and close ticket sales. I was excited to see all kinds of sex educators in the audience, and thrilled to answer questions about online presence from Planned Parenthood. I am sad that some people I really love — and put the presentation together in mind for — couldn’t make it, but thanks to my request to film the talk, I can now share it with them, and with you. It’s now a free roadmap for anyone to make the most of. That’s called open source sex, friends. So, in five parts embedded in this post is my Sex Ed and Viral Media class. At least watch the first video; it’s pretty fun. Some of you will find the information to be very basic about online presence; you also might be surprised at how much I reveal about my own online branding hacks and tactics in the effort to get sex ed into mainstream consciousness.

I posted the slides on Slideshare, where you’ll find my talk text/notes; as you’ll see if you watch the whole talk, the notes were just my starting point. I’ll have an audio (MP3) version for podcasting soon. I hope you find this to be a valuable tool.

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  1. Violet,
    I think this is fantastic material for both you and SFSI to be producing and promoting to help other sex educators start to navigate the complexity of self-promotion in an online sea of “sexpert” uncertainty. This is very useful guidance and I’ll recommend it for sure! I also appreciate it being served to me in these nice “Tiny Nibbles” 10 minute sound bites.

  2. Wow… thanks for breaking it down into simple pieces. While I wouldn’t consider myself a sex blogger (not that I think it is a dirty word, just I’m not as knowledgeable as folk like you) this presentation reaches across to any sort of socially conscious internet presence. Thank you.

  3. I attend social media events and read tons of material. This presentation was fantastic. You break it down in easy to understand pieces and I came away with a lot of useful information. One of the things on my todo is making a media tree. I have profiles all over the internet and I do not feel I am providing value on all sites and will use this to better market myself. I share information on my lifestyle and sex tips I have learned along the way. I truly enjoyed your presentation. Thank you.
    StealingKitty xo

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