Junk foodz: End of the year sex lists

Image by the girl who tamed the tiger.

I love those end of the year — or this year, end of the decade — sex wrap up articles, lists and posts. I decided not to do one for my column this year, though I may do something to that effect tomorrow here. But for right now, I’m enjoying skimming through the bits and pieces of other people’s “end of” lists. None of them are particularly totally satisfying, but that’s why I think of them as junk food. So far, these have been the most entertaining:

* 2009 review: Sex at the noughties’ end. (newscientist.com)
* The Daily Beast’s Decade in Sex (via Viviane). (thedailybeast.com)
* The 10 Most NSFW Music Videos Of 2009. (stereogum.com)
* Sex scandals 2009: Quotes of the year. (theweek.com)
* Nerve: Top 10 Porn Parodies for 2009. (entertainment.nerve.com)
* Sex and the 405’s Weirdest Sex News of 2009. (sexandthe405.com)
* XBIZ World Magazine Names Top [Sex Industry] News Items of 2009. (xbiz.com)
* XBIZ Premiere Magazine Names Top [Sex Industry] Newsmakers of 2009. (xbiz.com)
* Sexual Losses 2009 – Sexual Icons and Pioneers Who Died in 2009 (sexuality.about.com)

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