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A colleague in sex ed posted a great short item about condom use that covers a little known fact about their use: latex condoms dry things out. Even pre-lubricated ones. I can’t count how many times I’ve advised on this topic over the decade, and it always surprises people — and most often, their eyes light up and they realize they’ve experienced it themselves. Or, it solves a problem they’ve been having. No matter how excited everyone gets, condoms always need [water based] lube. Plus, it makes them feel a lot less like they’re there (you’ll be surprised) and keeps them from breaking. Here’s a snip from The Sexademic’s great post:

My roommate breezed through the living room the other night, freshly showered and heady with man-scent, stopping short at my desk. I looked up.

“So,” he asked, “as a- a professional sex educator, do you…uh, do you get free condoms? Condoms that you might have lying around?”

His cologne made sudden sense. I guessed his current lady friend was in town and smiled. “Yeah. I’ll go find some. What size?” He stared at me. I laughed and he finally responded with his hands spaced apart.

After a few moments rummaging around in my various sex supply drawers I put together a little safe sex bag for him. I pointed out the different condoms as well as the packets of lube samples. “Lube is very important when you use condoms. Use it on the inside as well as the outside.”

He eyed the sample packs. “Well, not if you keep things wet enough on your own.”

[Cue internal sex educator alarm] “No! Latex messes with natural lubrication… “(…read more,

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