Three new books

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Actually, I’ve got four new books coming out in the next (OMG) four months. I’m even amazed at myself for how much work I’ve done this year: and I’m certain it’s going to pay off. The upcoming titles are absolutely some of my best work, and I know you’ll love them. None of them are out yet but all of them are available for pre-order — though Best Women’s Erotica 2010 will be out at the end of this month. Additionally, I was the featured guest expert for a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show two days ago, during which I had a great time with Oprah. I don’t know the air date yet, nor can I divulge details until PR gives me the go-ahead, but I can tell you that it was the best experience I’ve ever had in mainstream media, Oprah is so super cool, and I had a really great time. And Oprah called my book The Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn “groundbreaking” and said on camera, “…and Violet, I love, love, LOVE that article you wrote for my magazine!” It really felt like everything we’ve have been doing here — with our desire, watching porn, our self-empowered sexual exploration, our quiet online sexual revolution, and the ways we’ve learned to love better — has really been validated. My face hurt from smiling so much!

So here are three books of mine about to start hitting shelves and e-readers around the world:

* Best Women’s Erotica 2010 (also on Amazon UK)

* Seal It With A Kiss: Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Delivering the Knockout Kiss (also on Amazon UK)

* Sweet Love: Erotic Fantasies for Couples (also on Amazon UK)

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  1. Hello SBM, I hope Violet won’t mind if I chime in here about rentals.

    Here’s a listing of our films on BlockBuster:

    The don’t do online rental of our titles, but you can use their website to check availability at your local store.

    If that doesn’t work for you, we’re hoping to be on Netflix by the end of the year.

    Getting our films out where people can find them is always a challenge for an independent producer and distributor, and even more so for our films. We tried Hot Movies for Her for a couple of years, but the results were disappointing. I don’t think the chopped up “by the scene” format really worked for our our films, which are really meant to be watched front to back in one sitting. And I don’t think being lumped in with thousands upon thousands of crass titles with crass box-cover art was helping us either.

    In the past we had put up serialized post casts of Marie and Jack and Xana and Dax, where you could watch those films in their entirety, for free, with breaking points picked by me. But after Google bought our podcast provider we decided not to do business with them anymore. (Google’s got some pretty amazing policies and practices around sexuality, and giving them money every month wasn’t good for my blood pressure!)

    What I wish is that we could put free, serialized versions on YouTube, and I thought we’d even do it with the love-making blurred back so that it wouldn’t violate Google’s TOS, but the TOS enforcement is really scattershot and unpredictable. We’ve already got one warning on our account for something I thought was inside the line, and one more means they kick us off:

    Lastly, for as long as we can afford the bandwidth, we have a free download of a work-in-progress version of our next film “Brett and Melanie: Boi Meets Girl”on our website. I’m taking some time off this Winter, and the download is sort of a going away trinket:

    Thanks for your interest. Hope you can find our films at your local Blockbuster, or at Netflix. And of course many thanks to Violet for helping us get the word out!

  2. thank you everyone! I’m still in a post-adrenaline-rush hangover from being on the show. hey SBM: I really like the selections of video on demand by women (all kinds of women) at Hot Movies for Her, and I’m considering making a custom theater with them — take a look and see if there’s anything you like:

  3. trying to catch up on ~50 posts after some time away. I loved the O! article. we (the wife and I) would love to find out where to look for some of that good stuff. Beatty’s vids might be good for me but probably not for her (recovering catholic) so I think the Comstock line might be more for us. Can’t afford to buy the stuff though, any suggestions on the best place to rent?

  4. Congratulations! This is big stuff with Oprah. Seems you’ve reached the tipping point into mainstream and that’s fantastic. Hope you keep all the values that put you there! Time to start putting the life story into screenplay form….

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