Call for participants: Sex haptics performance

I know a lot of sexy performers read Tiny Nibbles — and I put out a Tweet about it earlier today — but, do you remember my coverage of The Joydick? It’s the Atari game hacked by SF Media Labs into a sex gaming interface. I saw it in operation and it was super-cool! Well, the guys at SF Media Labs emailed me this morning and it looks like they’ve got a surprise in store for the opening gala of Arse Elektronika (Thursday, October 1). Without giving too much away, it’s some sort of sex haptics gaming device for multiple users. And for the opening, they need a couple of sex and technology enthusiasts who want to do a bit of experimentation and live performance to demonstrate their newest invention. I don’t know exactly what all the details are, such as if it’s nudity included or not, but they need a few volunteers. And they asked me to ask you!

I think this year’s Arse might be the best one yet. It’s in selected venues this year so things can be *more* outrageous and adventurous than usual. (w00t!) So, do buy a ticket — and if you’re interested in being part of the exciting sex haptics demo for the opening gala, contact SF Media Labs. They are on Twitter, or you can email them at and trust me, they are really cool, smart guys. read more about them in my SF Chronicle article Pervy Kinetic Art – Violet Blue: Joysticks just got a lot sexier.

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