The exigency of “Time” changing its name to “Dated”

Brilliant Durex ad campaign blogged here, image via eddie.

Can I be the one to take the staff of Time on an educational store tour of Babeland!? Huh!? Please! Pick me! Or at least a few ‘sex in the now’ (and online media) lectures. Today Time Magazine reported about the spray-on condom — which was previously reported on back in January and re-hashed in May with the same story as Time’s piece. At first, I thought there might be some new developments, but no. The only development is that Time seems to have discovered that condoms exist. And gosh they’re wacky! They even have glow in the dark ones! Seriously — this is the best mainstream media can do about sex anymore? It’s really disturbing, especially that it’s to the point of misinformation. After establishing the inventor’s rationale in health and marketing facts (that makes writing about sex legitimate, folks), and Jan Vinzenz Krause’s original quest to find a condom that wasn’t one size fits some (my wording), Time’s breaking bit states, “Meanwhile, Krause is tackling the size problem by preparing to launch a line of condoms in six sizes, instead of the usual one or two.”

Condomania has four *categories* for different sizes, including custom-made sizes (UK orders) and a self-guided size and preference Condom Wizard, helping you select from way more than two sizes.

Or, dear Jeezus on a metric latex binge, you could order internationally and let other people do the math for your cock.

Oh, Time. You are not me. Condomania has been in business since 1991.

It’s as if the entire dated Time piece was written by someone who never ever shopped for, or used a condom in their lives. Someone, maybe not so… Time-ly. They could have at least linked to — or provided a non-linking URL, ahem — Krause’s spray-on condom website or Condomunity’s really cool blog.

  • Thanks for this great piece and the kind mention. What amazed me most in the course of the last few month was that uncounted publications got their facts wrong and were publishing the same outdated facts over and over.
    Happy thoughts

  • Alas though Violet, that would probably be too easy.

    Perhaps this piece was actually written by Mr. McCain? Lord knows he’s a bit slow on the contraceptive uptake…