Bedpost: Stats and averages for your sex life

Image by friend Richard Kadrey.

Over at Shake Well Before Use, my close friend Ariel Waldman shows us Bedpost, which is still in alpha but endeavors to give users a utility to utterly, possibly scarily geek out with your very own DIY sexual experience data aggregator. It’s either “yay!” or “yikes!” but I think Bedpost looks fun either way — though it could use a little, erm — tweaking when it comes to gender selections, yet it’s still just this side of virginal, after all… Ariel writes:

Bedpost, a web 2.0 application that remains in alpha, aims to give you insights about your sex life. By entering in partners, time durations and tags to describe your “doing the horizontal” data, the app appears to build a calendar of stats and averages. Other multimedia functionality includes uploading photos of partners, in case you’d like to brag to yourself about your previous conquests… (…read more! also seen @ my pal Lux’s Boinkology.)


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