How to blow up your genitals

Apparently, it is as easy as dropping a lit match on your bits after you have slathered them in silicone based lube. Reader Patrick sends me the links to Ask Garnet’s short and firey lit-match-to-lube experiment. Don’t worry, in the video the lube is a safe distance from any dangly parts. “Burning Man” indeed. However, in this, I have caught a glimpse of my true calling. I need a lab. And a sexy gothy assistant who is also a deliciously twisted chemical engineer. Watch Ask Garnet’s video in her post — and yes, silicone lube still fucking rocks for fucking, but do heed her cautions about silicone lube’s tenacity and staying power, as it is quite difficult to remove from parts and places that you rub and spill it on. When I worked at Good Vibes I used to caution customers about spilling silicone lube in the bathtub. It’s great for use in water, it utterly destroys most silicone toys, but if you spill it in the tub you have a slippery zone that can kill you for about a week. Still — mon dieu is it great for handjobs!

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